Mary & The Late Clarence 'Orv' Brockway Auction - 'Postponed' - 11/17/2018 11:00 AM
'THIS AUCTION WILL BE HELD ON A LATER DATE' 1949 Oldsmobile 2-Door Fastback Classic Car, Antiques & Collectibles, Primitives, Juke Box, Electronics, Household Furnishings, Appliances, Tools & Equipment, Lawn & Garden and More.
REAL ESTATE To Be Sold @ 1 PM.

406 Jackson St. Pecatonica, Illinois 61063

1949 Oldsmobile 2-Door Fastback:Model 76 w/ flat head 6, wide white wall tires, nice chrome w/ hood ornament, full length outside sun visor, very nice inside & out!;
Antiques, Doll & Toy Auction - 11/23/2018 10:00 AM
Estate Doll Collection - French Jumeau & German Bisque Dolls, Schoenhut Girl, Vintage, Shirley Temple, Dream Babies, China Head, Greiner Millenary, Early Carved Wood, Character, Dionne Quintuplets, Broom & Pin Cushion Half Dolls, Composition Dolls & Accessories, Buggies & Strollers (Over 150 Dolls), Old Toys, Arcade Cast Iron & Tin Litho Windup, Pressed Steel Trucks & Construction, Antiques & Collectibles, Historical Rockford & Winnebago County Plat Books, Memorabilia, French 6-Tune Music Box, Ephemera, Furniture, Glassware, Primitives & Stoneware, Lighting, Signs & Advertising and More. Dolls Will Be Sold @ 11 AM, Print Your Own Catalog.

Hack's Auction Antique Center
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296 Pecatonica, IL 61063

Victoria Brand Sunkist Crate Label; Butter Pecan Ice Cream Poster; Bullet Pencils; Advertisement Pencils; Caledonia, ILL. Paper Label Eye Doctor Container:and more;

Decorated Pine Cedar Chest on Bun Feet; Early Pine Immigrant's Trunk:old gray paint; 1883 Sampler:marked MK & BO; French Mahogany Three Sided Stand:drop leaf w/ floral & mother of pearl inlay, spiral legs, carved feet, nice; Victorian Ornate Cast Metal Picture Frames; Classical Nude Cast Iron Book Ends:marked X405; Clipper Ship Brass Book End; Victorian Brass Sewing Bird:ornate, nice cushion; Victorian Ladies Coin Purse; Cast Iron Base Round Food Stool:tapestry seat; Victorian Wicker Ladies Side Chair:and other antiques;

Prairie Style Leaded Art Glass Windows:tulips, 22" x 16" w/ nice wood frames (3) different styles; Cast Iron Deco Floor Grate;

Art Pottery
Red Wing Elk Brushed Ware Sand Jar:green & tan, 15" tall 12" dia.; Red Wing Brushed Ware Stave Bucket Planter:green & tan 12" tall, 13" dia.; Roseville Blended Glaze Jardinieres; Weller Blended Glaze Jardinieres:and more; Matte Brown Glaze & Applied Metal Floral Vase; W. J. Gordy Art Pottery Handled Vase;

1960's Sports Car Pop Art; The First Sound Hand Signed Artwork:Louise Bussiere, 39/150, 1976; Victorian Lithographs:Golden Hours, in ornate gilt frame; Bluebird Victorian Framed Litho; Cupid Awake Pictures; George Washington Colonial Lithograph;

1917 Atlas of the City of Rockford & Vicinity Plat Book:17" x 30", colorful oil clothe pages, with supplements up to 1930, good condition; 1947 Atlas of Winnebago County Illinois; Early Plat Book of Rockford Illinois:large, colorful oil clothe; 1904 Register-Gazette Historical, Biographical & Industrial Rendition; 1921 July & August Rockford Morning Star Bound Collection; 1931 Plat Book of City of Rockford Illinois; 1905 Standard Atlas of Winnebago County Illinois Plat Book; 1803 Swedish Bible; 1898 Scrap Book:full of military and political cartoons and newspaper clippings; 1864 Champe's Adventure Reading on the Rail Booklet:by General Henry Lee; Flag-Sergant Booklet:early; Making of Illinois 1911 Book:Mather; Uncle Tom's Cabin 1893 Book:by Harriet Beecher Stowe; Aladdin Reference Books; Oil Lamp Reference Books;

Flow Blue Handled Portrait Plate; Blue & White Phoenixware; Cut Glass Candy Dishes; Ceramic Classical Girl Figures; Ironstone Pitcher & Bowl Dresser Set:by Anchor Pottery, w/ extras; Flow Blue Historical Plates; Doulton Bursill Flow Blue Plates; American Fostoria Platter; Vaseline Opalescent Vases:8"; Mary Gregory Thumb Print Tumblers; Pink Depression Etched Stemware w/ Blue Bases; Victorian Water Tumblers; Cup Glass Vases;

Swedish Flag:and many other smalls;

Country Store
Dutch Boy Paint Oak Stave Barrel; S.S. Stafford's Cobalt Ink Jar; Bent Wire Hat Pedestal; Advertisement Paper Label Fruit Crates:ch. of 9; Tex Wings US Fighter Plane Paper Label Crate:and more;

Civil War Era 5 Cent Fractional Currency;

German Tin Walking Wind-up Doll:with key; China 2-faced doll; Jester:all original; Jumeau France 10":composition body, excellent condition, all original; Antique MH - Alma 9":cloth body; Bisque head:glass eyes, mixed parts; Schoenhut:14", ribbon in hair; German Boy:made by Gebruder Knoch, #241-GESCH; German 6":all bisque, open/close eyes, good condition; Celluloid Blue Suit:composition hands 10"; Maizie:all original w/tags; MOHIG-twins:14"-15"; MOHIG-twins:14"-15"; Gibson Girl:#177 cloth body; Sailor #817:composition body, 8"; Jenny Lind China:redressed, damaged body , 14"; 13" leather hands, New Head:old body; All Wood; 1914 12" Pink hat and dress:RA-re-costumed; Minerve head:on a kid body-tin head D.P.S.; Wise man:9", celluloid hands-unique; Shirley Temple:20", eyes blown, mint, original dress; Shirley Temple:18", eyes replaced, good body; German 19" Bisque head/hands:old leather body; Glass Eyes Parian:17", bang curls; Armand Marseille Rose Bud:7-OM, 16"; Wax Doll:old cloth body 15"; China Head:16", curly hair; France Socket Head/Shoulder Plate:16", leather body-excellent condition; French Jumeau:composition body-14", blonde curly hair/glass eyes; Twins w/wigs #P6131:6-1/2", possible reproduction; Twins w/wigs #P6131:possible reproduction- 6-1/2"; Nun:7", unmarked; Sailor Norah:10", good condition; Walt Disney-Pinocchio-Dakin:hard plastic, Hong Kong; All Bisque:6-1/2", pointed blue shoes, great clothes; Frozen Charlotte:5", all bisque, gold boots; Hansel:11", broken arm; Millinery:paper mache; German:6", all bisque baby, original #P30; China Doll:Blondie, red dress; German Flapper Half Doll:4"; Frozen Charlotte:4-1/2", rare size, no damage; All Bisque:4", painted eyes; German All Bisque-Girl w/Flag:3", #798; German-Nodder:3"; Frozen Charlotte-All Bisque:4-1/2", painted eyes/gold boots; Celluloid Hawaiian Doll:3-1/2"; Socket Head:painted eyes, original wig; Cupie Doll:8", porcelain, no marks; All Bisque:6", painted face, great clothes; French Doll & Trunk:glass eyes, trunk with clothes; Hebe Shebe-Little Boy:10", composition; Bonnet Head:12", old clothes, good condition; China Doll:11", Black Hair; China Doll-Dorothy:11"; England #7468:painted face, cloth body, repaired; Snow White Original:13", mint, all composition; Greiner Millinery:12", parted hair-wisp bangs; Greiner Sausage Curl:21", paper label; Pin Cushion Dolls:arms crossed, very nice; Alphabet:8", original cloth body; Pin Cushion Doll:unique; Carnival Doll; German- All Bisque:all black, #682; Japan:all black; China Dolls-Sausage Curls:7"; China Boy:8", velvet suit, new body; Wooden Penny Doll:10", early; China Head; Japan; Japan; Celluloid Head:stuffed body; All Celluloid; Japan, All Bisque:4-1/2" ribbon in hair; Wooden Pinocchio:legs repaired; New Doll; Wood Doctor Doll:6"; Bisque Head:top that spins; Jointed-All Bisque:3-3/4"; Porelain Baby:5"; German- Piano doll #7285:4-1/2"; German- Piano doll #7285:4-1/2"; German-Dutch Girl:#5724; Half Doll:2-3/4", flowers in hair; Little Composition Doll:3-1/2"; All Bisque:brown hat, brown shoes; German Bisque Baby Doll:S1109-#2664 Drgm; Dutch Boy; Flapper Pin Cushion; 5 dolls in Box:3 original; Celluloid Wedding Pair; Martha Washington Brush; Painted Gold:2-1/2"; All Bisque; Celluloid Twin; Celluloid Twin; All Bisque:4"; Annie; Frozen Charlotte; Black Doll:5-1/2", unique; Boys and Band:mixed set, (5); Black Composition Boy:9"; Fabric Painted:7"; Terra Cotta Policeman; Walt Disney - Dopey:5-1/2", composition; Walt Disney- Bashful:5-1/2", composition; China:mixed match set; Little Boy Scout; Indian All Bisque:5"; Doll on Donkey:white hair, #SH; Composition; Composition Baby; 1929 Koppelsdorf:#300 w/o baptism dress; Celluloid Bisque:11", frog body; Louis Amberg:11" American born babe; German Composition Socket Bisque:10"; German-Armand Marseille Dream Baby; Jesus:wooden, broken arm; Corn Husk Doll:Unique; Dionee Quintuplets:with bed and box; Composition Baby:Bisque, restoration; Rosemary Composition:great dress; All Bisque:3-1/2"; Armand Marseille:3 DEP "370"; Homemade; Victorian Spindled Doll High Chair;

Door Stops
Parrot Cast Iron Door Stop:nice paint, 12" tall; Scotty Dog Standing Door Stop; Scotty Dog Sitting Door Stop:nice paint; Squirrel & Nut Cast Iron Door Stop:8 1/2" tall;

1944 Elect Thomas E. Dewey Portrait Pennant; Rockford Construction of State Street Bridge Photograph; Rock River & Rockford Aerial Photo; Quiet Please War Worker Resting WW II Poster; Rockford Centennial Booklet; Vintage French Souvenir Booklets:art & pictures and more;

Farm Primitives
Cast Iron Tractor Seat:and old implement wrenches;

Horse Drawn
Early Iron Wagon Wheel Travel;

Hat Pin Holder Collection:victorian, opalescent, rhinestone;

Aladdin Lamps & Shades; Opalescent Swirl Lamp Shades; Satin Draped Portrait Hanging Lamp Shades; Victorian Ornate Cast Iron Chandelier:w/ shades, 36" and other kerosene lamps; Victorian Double Lamp Brackets; Kerosene Wall Bracket Lamps:w/ Mercury reflector shades; Heavy Ornate Cast Lamp Brackets; Aladdin Silver & Brass Lamp Fonts:No. 12 burners; Aladdin Lox On Mantles; Aladdin Model B Quilt Whie Moonstone Lamp:w/ painted shades, 1937;

French 6 Tune Music Box:early w/ good comb;

D-X Lubricants Tin 5lb Container:green grease; Gulf Pride Outboard Motor Oil Container:square plastic, 1 qt.; Texaco Home Lubricant Oil Can:early; Maytag Co. Small Blue Tin Oil Can; Hoover Electric Cleaner Motor Oil Can:small w/ paper label; Mobil Gulf Standard Handy Oil Cans;

Woven Wood Laundry Basket;

Victorian Spoons; Coin Silver Serving Spoons; Sterling Thimbles;

Chicago White Sox Bazooka Pennant; Vintage Chicago Cubs Baseball Cap;

Hand Sewn Quilt Tops; 1845 Sampler:Elizabeth Woodhead, w/ trees & animals;

IHC Monkey Wrenches; Old Buggy & Implement Wrenches; Stanley Brass & Cherry Wood Levels; Dutch Boy White-Lead "Wet Paint" Sign:Fred Allen, Belvidere; Wooden String Winder:early; Stanley No. 12 Floor Scraper; Stanley No. 5 1/4 Cabinet Plane; Bailey No. 4 1/2 Plane:Apr. 1910; Stanley 24" Cast Iron Level; Stanley 24" Cast Iron Level; Stanley 24" Cast Iron Level:1896; Draw Knives; Stanley No. 36 Cast Level; Stanley No. 240 2 Pc. Ruler:w/ brass; Speed King No. 28 Etched Locomotive Saw; Stanley No. 62 Scribes; Stanley No. 71 1/2 Plane:dated 1901 w/ bits; Stanley Plane No. 45 Set of Cutters:completed w/ orig. wood box; Stanley Box Wood Rulers:No. 84, 68, 61;

Freeport Toy Co. Streamline Train Set:alm., 3 pc.; Freeport Toy Co. Bird House; Lindstrom Key Wind Red 1930's Race Car:w/ drivers; Army Tin Friction Amphibious Vehicle:w/ mechanical helicopter, Mfd. Sankei Co. Japan; Vintage Racers:Hubley-Tootsie-Rubber and other old toys; Buddy-L Greyhound Bus:original box; Arcade Cast Iron Fire Ladder Truck:16" complete w/ ladders, rubber tires; Arcade Yellow Cab Taxi:circa 1925; Arcade Chevrolet Sedan; Arcade Dump Truck:small size; Arcade Fordson Tractor:small size; Arcade 3 Pc. Bathroom Set:sink, tub & toilet w/ paper labels; Arcade McCormick-Deering Threshing Machine:complete w/ tube spout; Arcade Aluminum B Tractor:yellow pressed steel rims; Stanley Toy Co. Horse Drawn Farm Sets:NOS, cast metal Farm Wagon & Hay Rack Wagon, Mfg. in Oconto Wisconsin; Mickey's Tractor:by Sun Rubber, mint; Dent Gasoline Truck & Black Coupe; Dent Hdwe. Cast Iron Sedan:red & green; Arcade Coupe w/ Rumble Seat; Arcade Cast Iron Earth Mover:lg. size; Freeport Toy Co. Greyhound Bus:8.5" aluminum, excellent paint, marked A102; Arcade Wheel Barrow; Arcade Plows;

Vintage Clothes
Oriental Scarves; Japanese Kimono; Hat Feathers:& plumes; Lou Taylor Vintage Purse;