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'Homestead Antiques' 5-Day Antique & Americana Auction 9/6/2017 10:00 AM
DAY 1 - Jill Fox Thoren Estate, Over 50 Years of Collecting & Dealing Antiques & Collectibles.
This Multiple Auction Will Be Held: Wed. Sept. 6 & Thur. Sept. 7 - Sat. Sept. 9 & Sun. Sept. 10 and Wed. Sept. 13,
All Auctions Will Begin @ 10 AM With 2-Auction Rings, Please Come Prepared With a Bidding Partner.
FEATURING A Vast Collection of Good Old Furniture-Cupboards-Cabinets-Tables-Stands-Chests-Trunks-Chairs-Hanging & Corner Cupboards-Country & Victorian, Loads of Furniture In The Rough, Lighting, Stoneware, Pottery, Advertising & Country Store, Spice Cabinets, Old Painted Antiques, Graniteware & Primitives, Cast Iron, Artwork & Pictures, Early Books & Literature, Thousands of Smalls, Jewelry & Silver, Miniatures, Blacksmith & Old Farm, Spool Cabinets, Huge & Extensive Sewing Collection-Fabric-Textile-Quilts, China-Glassware-Ceramics, Kitchenware, Show Cases & Display, Americana, Outdoor Iron and A Wonderful Selection of Antiques of Every Category.
Rain or Shine - Under Tent.
Corner of Riverside Blvd. & Central Ave.
3712 N. Central Ave.
Rockford, Illinois 61101
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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Item Name
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Description Photo
Bates, Reed & Cooley Dye Cabinet
Litho & Stencil Paint, 10 Cent camera icon
Black & White Scotch Whiskey Wooden Crate
camera icon
Dutch Box WET PAINT Sign
camera icon
Dr. Miles 1917 Almanacs
camera icon
Kingsford's Silver Glass Starch 6 lb. Dovetailed Box
camera icon
Symond's Baking Chocolate Crate
Carter Brilliant Blue Ink Bottle
camera icon
The National Cash Register Co. Embossed Receipt Holder
camera icon
Chas. Gray Beverage Crate
Coleman's Mustard Bulk Tin
camera icon
Safe Home Match Wooden Dovetailed Crate
camera icon
West & Almquist Staple & Fancy Groceries Crate
and Many Other Adv. Tins & Boxes camera icon
Table Talk Pastry Co. Wooden Crate
Pepsi-Cola Advertisement Crate
Tiger Tobacco Tin Lunch Pail
camera icon
Item Name
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Description Photo
Early Wooden Printer's Drawers
Oak Beveled Glass Wall Mirror
w/Cast Hooks
Victorian Velvet Lined Box
Oak Arts & Crafts Book Stand
Oak High Boy Chest
camera icon
Oak Coat Rack w/Cast Hooks
Decorated Dresser Box
Old Key Collection
For Clocks, Cabinets, Etc.
Early Book Press
Home Comfort Gray Speckled Enamel Cookstove
Complete w/Back & Top camera icon
American Gray Graniteware Collection
Walnut Victorian Carved Beds
Artist's Stand
Iron Pedestal Base, Oak Fold Top camera icon
Ornate Cast Flag Bases
Early Brass Fire Dept. Nozzle
30 in. camera icon
Miniatures Collection
Doll House Cupboards & Furniture w/Loads of Accessories
Home Child's Cookstove
camera icon
Walnut Victorian Wall Display Cabinet
2-Sliding Glass Doors, 48 in. wide x 62 in. tall camera icon
Early Oak National Cash Register
Dovetailed, 1-Drawer, Brass Plaque, Lift Top, Fancy Brass Gallery
Pine Glass Door Wall Display Cabinet
Swedish Decorated Spinning Wheel
camera icon
Wooden Silverware Trays
and more
Oak Sewing Machine Drawers
Pine 16-Drawer Spice Cabinet
w/Porcelain Pulls
Victorian Foot Stools
Feather Trees
Hoosier Jar 5-Bottle Rack
Pine 2-Drawer Cupboards
Several Pine Cupboards, Some Painted
Oak 11-Drawer Highboy Desk
Fancy Cast Iron Shelf Brackets
Old Iron Coat Hooks
Pine 2-Door Pie Safe
German Wall Mount Coffee Grinder
and Others
Toleware Spice Set in Box
camera icon
Corner Cupboards
Bamboo Music Stand
Victorian Quilt Rack
Oak 35-Drawer File Cabinet
camera icon
Oak File Legal Cabinet
Pine Dressers
Iron Strapped Trunks
Victorian Sewing Drawers
Ornate Carved Victorian Wall Shelf
Item Name
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Description Photo
Victorian Oak Stairway Posts
Brass Knob Hardware
Victorian Hardware
Leaded Glass Frosted Windows
Art Pottery
Item Name
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Description Photo
Shawnee Rooster Milk Pitcher
and Mid-Century Vases, etc. camera icon
Campbell Kids ABC Baby Plate
by Buffalo Pottery camera icon
Item Name
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Description Photo
Religious Lithographs
Jesus, Mary, Related camera icon
1884 French Couteur Prints
Roses Yard Long Litho
and many other oils & prints camera icon
Oil on Hardboard Landscapes
Gilt Framed Early Pictures
Parian Porcelein 'Diana & the Stag' Plaque
'Stealing Lunch' Early Child's Photograph
Charlotte Becker Baby on Phone Litho
Oriental Mother-of-Pearl Carved Artwork
Floral & Bird Motiff camera icon
Huge Selection Early Lithos in Gilt Frames
and Related Early Artwork
Item Name
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Description Photo
Glass & Tin Banks
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Vaseline, Satin Pedestal Candy Dishes
camera icon
Head Vases
camera icon
Victorian Glass Slippers
and much more
Tulip Thyme Kitchen Set
Blue Willow Gravy, Etc.
Blue Ridge Pottery Collection
Pink & Green Depression Glassware
Large Variety
Mt. Washington Shaker
Carmel Slag Crocus Creamer
Hand Painted Hat Pin Holders
Cut Glass Salt & Peppers
Etched Glassware
High School Byron Ill. China Creamer
Silhouette China Rolling Pin
Bittersweet Stacking Bowl Set
camera icon
German Monk Cream Pitcher
Iris Carnival Glass Vases
Candlewick & Patterned Glassware
Floral Cranberry Opalescent Cruet
Venetian Glass Vases
Quilted Satin Vase
Tea Leaf Ironstone Dishes
Item Name
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Description Photo
Waterbury Steeple Clock
w/Painted Glass Panel and others camera icon
Hand Painted Decorated Grandmother's Clock
camera icon
Ansonia Fancy Drop Case Wall Regulator Clock
camera icon
Fancy Oak Shelf Clocks
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Christmas Tree Flex Fence
Original Box camera icon
Loads of Old Santa & Christmas
Marble & Brass Bookends
Loads of Miniatures & Smalls
Inks, Bells, Figurines, Advertising, Cast, Etc., Etc.
Bentwood Sewing Box
Jars of Old Buttons
NOMA Chenille Candle Wreaths
Glass Humidores
Novelty Japan Salt & Pepper Shakers
Photo Albums
Halloween Collection
Candles, Black Cats, Pumpkins, Die Cut Witches, Etc. camera icon
Stereo Viewers & Sets of Cards
and hundreds of smalls camera icon
Dick Tracy Brass Badge
camera icon
Glass & Clay
Old Post Cards
Grant Embossed Plaque
Black Memorabilia & Native American Cards
Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection
Dallasware Lunch Tray
Country Store
Item Name
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Description Photo
Putnam Dyes Counter Top Display
Hurculaces Boot & Shoe Lace Cabinet
camera icon
Glass Top Jewelry Display Case
20"sq. X 46"h. camera icon
Hardware Store 80-Drawer Revolving Bolt Bin
On 18-Drawer Base, Porcelain Knob Pulls camera icon
Ideal Stencil Machine
Heavy Cast Iron
Imperial Brass Tray Scales
camera icon
Harrison Square Counter Top Cigar Box
5 for 10 Cents camera icon
Counter Top Dovetailed Sewing Display Cabinet
2-Drawers, Glass Top
Cast Iron Letter Hooks
String Holders
Brass & Glass Counter Top Display Case
Full of Sewing & Jewelry camera icon
Apothecary Oak 8-Drawer Cabinet
Hanscraft Sterilizer Unit w/Stoneware Base
camera icon
Wire Grocery Baskets
and more
Ferry's Vegetable Counter Top Display Case
Ice Tea Counter Top Dispensor
camera icon
Hitchcock-Hill Co. Bread Box
Early Counter Top Towel Display Rack in Old Green Paint
camera icon
Hardware Counter Top Scale
camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Bisque, German & Japan Jointed Dolls & Miniatures
Doll House Miniatures
Furniture, Dolls, Etc.
Doll Accessory Collection
Wash Board, Dishes, Buckets, Etc.
Doll Cupboard in Old White Paint
Early Child's Trunks
Walnut 5-Drawer Doll Chest
and a variety of old doll related itms
Occupied Japan Phoenix Bird Doll Dish Set
w/Platter & Tureen
Pine Doll Cupboard w/Willow Ware Occupied Japan China
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Old Papergoods & Advertisement
Valentines, Post Cards, Advertisement Cards, Photographs, Etc., Etc.
Farm Primitives
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Tin 4-Dozen Egg Carrying Case
Wooden 4-Hole Chicken Nester
and milk cans, rakes and wood items camera icon
Chicken Roosts
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Woolen Red & Black Hunting Pants
White Stag
Duck Decoys
Horse Drawn
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Brass Mounted Sleigh Bell Set
camera icon
Buck Board Portable Wagon Seat
Velvet w/Folding Back and other spring wagon seats camera icon
Cast Harnees Hooks
2 Seat Tram
wood seats, on wheels
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Cameo Broaches
Victorian Beaded Mesh Purses
Bakelite Bracelets
Bakelite Scottie Dog Pin
Crystal Necklaces
Sterling Broaches & Necklaces
Big Selection Costume Jewelry
Old Spectacles & Pen Knives
Victorian Jewelry
and loads of old jewelry
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Stag Handled Pocket Knives
and others
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Victorian Kerosene Bracket Lamps
camera icon
Country Store Brass Embossed Hanging Light Fixture
camera icon
Dbl. Angle Brass Embossed Hanging Light Fixture
camera icon
Many Glass Prisms
Wooden Ratchet Floor Lamp
kerosene lamps and more
Victorian Central Room Hanging Light Fixture
Painted Shade & Font, Prisms camera icon
Classical Lord & Lady Sculpture Lamps
Brass-Like Look
Rockford Pump Lamp
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Old Barn Wood
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Camp Grant 1917 Martial Fairwell Yard Long
1st Illinois Infantry & Engineers
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Chrometta & Other Harmonicas
Native American
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Fossils & Stones
Gathering Baskets
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Early Wainscoat 1-Door Jelly Cupboard
Early Wainscot Child's Cupboard
Pine Tall Glass Door Display Cupboard
7.5 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide
Tin Food Mold Sets
Primitive Pine Pidgeon Hole Units
Early Wall Spice Cabinets
Primitive Pine Benches
Large Selection, Finished, Painted, Rough, Etc.
Early Oak 63-Bin Postal Cabinet
Brass Dome Unusual Bellows
Lots of Woven Willow & Split Wood Baskets
Granite & Enamelware
Primitive Pine Wood Box
w/Traces of Old Blue Paint
Many Primitive Trays & Boxes
Wooden Tankard
Primitive Cheese Boxes
American, Pabst, Etc.
Pine Wainscot Cupboard Doors
in Old Green Paint
Early Painted Pine Cupboards
Pine Wall Bin Unit
Brass & Glass Wash Boards
Clothes Wringers
Primitive Yarn Winders
Cast Iron Buckets & Pans
Primitive Carpenter's Chests
Lightning Rods & Globes
Iron Bridge Lamps
Cast Iron Floor Grates
Old Cookie Cutters
Big Selection
Folk Art Bird Houses
Oak Brass Knob Spice Box
Leather Strapped Totes
Sad Irons
Regular & Doll Size
Oak Stave Barrels
Early Dovetailed Immigrant's Trunk
Wicker Fernery
Early Tin Book Lunch Box
Big Selection Early Kitchenware
Rolling Pins, Mixing Bowls, Utensils, Tin & Cast Iron
Wainscot Cupboard Tops & Bases
Iron Wash Bowl Stand w/Granite Pan
Wool Carders
and more
Kitchen Jars
Blue Porcelain Perfection Heaters
Wooden Mixing Bowls
Early Iron Fireplace Trivet
Wooden Egg Crates
Primitive Cast Iron Leg Milk Stool
Primitive Scales
Large Wooden Barn Pulleys
Oak Stools
Ladder Back Chairs
Primitive Wooden Boxes
Enterprise Cherry Stoner
Advertisement Crates
Primitive Wooden Tool Boxes
Green Ammo Crate Rolling Tool Box
Sad Irons
Country Pine 2 Door Cupboard
in old grey paint camera icon
Pine Wash Bench
camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
C.R.I &P. Railway Brass Padlock
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Coca Cola 'Oak Ridge Market' Metal Sign
24" x 10.5' 'Enjoy Coc Cola' and many other old posters & signs camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Best Wishes Silver Bird Toothpick
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Red Wing Sponge Banded Bowls
Spongeware Casseroles & Mixing Bowls
and other crocks & jugs
Blue/Gray Stoneware Iris Pitcher
Spongeware Barrel Pitcher
Cream & Tan Banded Mixing Bowls
Ev-Re-Day Oleomargerine Stoneware Crock
by Wisconsin Butterine Co.
Natioinal Pickel & Canning Company Pickel Barrel
w/Wooden Lid
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Crocheted & Fancy Work
Jars Full of Old Buttons
Unique Sewing Items
and lots od old sewing
Hand Sewn Quilts
Sun Bonnet Quilt Patches
American 48-Star Flag, Large
Patterned Hooked Rugs
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
'Wagon Ten Pins' Old Primitive Wagon
camera icon
Pewter Horse & Cannon Figures Set
and other unique old toys camera icon
Early Folk Art Painted Barn
camera icon
Vintage Clothes
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Vintage Hats & Umbrellas
and Many More Great Antiques
Leather High Lace Up Boots
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