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Annual New Years Day Antique Auction '19 1/1/2019 10:00 AM
Featuring The Outstanding Vintage Toy Collection & Roseville Art Pottery Collection From The Harold Wakeley Estate! The Best Early Structo Toys-1920's Auto Builder-Clockwork-Bearcat-Roadsters-Caterpillar Tractors & Rare Yuba Model-Police-Army-Dump Trucks-1919 Erector Construction Outfits-More, Large Size Buddy "L" Trucks-Coach-Equipment, Arcade Cast Iron, Cor-Cor Airflows-Bus-Train Set, Keystone Railway Express, Chein, C-Macks, 1909-30's Schieble, Early Fire Pumpers, Dayton, Doepke MG Racer, "Oh-Boy" by Kiddie Metal Toy, Metalcraft, Tonka, Sturditoy "Travelling Store" Delivery, Nylint Wind-Ups, American National 'Giant', Kingsbury, Steelcraft and Many Others by The Old & Desirable Steel Toy Makers. Friction Hillclimbers, Locos-Trolley-Street Cars, Cast Iron Horse Drawn & Bell Toys, Steam & Mechanical, Construction & Fire Trucks, Over 150 Great Examples From The Early 1900's to 50's. Rare Silver King Pedal Tractor, Case Threshing Machine Cast Iron Eagle Hitching Post, U.S. Civil War & Military, Hunting & Fishing, Antique Outboard Motors, Old Advertising & Signs, Country Store & Americana, Rockford Memorabilia, Galena Pottery & Stoneware, Primitives, Lighting, Art Glass Leaded Windows, Stickley Bros. 'Quaint' Furniture Desk & Table, 1836 Decorated Corner Cupboard, ROSEVILLE ART POTTERY Collection - Over 100 Fine Examples and Many More Antiques.
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296
Pecatonica, IL 61063
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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Item Name
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Description Photo
Huge Jeweler's Trade Sign - {item_start}100
early ornate cast iron Pocket Watch hanging 30" frame w/ painted tin 2-sided "OVERSTREET JEWELER" clock face panels, rare. camera icon
1938 Firestone Tractor Tire Calender
w/ old implement photos and colorful hunting dogs game scene, 21"x38" camera icon
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co. Metal Sign
embossed Eagle on Globe, framed, 24"x32", some fading camera icon
Antique Toys
Item Name
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Description Photo
1925 Buick Coupe w/ Friction Motor
19" long, Mfd. by Turner or Schieble Toy Co., cream & black paint, rubber tired spare, Mint Condition! camera icon
Doepke Roadster
camera icon
Cor-Cor Graham Paige Airflow
camera icon
Keystone 'American Railway Express'
26" long camera icon
Structo Police Patrol - $650
camera icon
Oh-Boy! U.S. Mail Truck - $850
c. 1927, 22" camera icon
STRUCTO Auto-Builder No.8 Racing Auto
windup clockwork motor, green, 12 1/2", c. 1920 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.10 Bear Cat Auto
windup, 16", c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.11 Tractor
windup, green/red, 10.5", c. 1920 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.12 Early Deluxe Autos
windup, 16", c. 1920 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.10 Bear Cat Autos
clockwork windups, orange, 16", c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.14 Giant Dump Truck
windup, red/black, 18", c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.16 Yuba Tractor
windup w/ steel tracks, 13', Rare camera icon
Structo Ready-Built No.44 Caterpillar Tractor
trailer, link steel tracks, c. 1920's camera icon
Structo Ready-Built No.48 Caterpillar Whippet Tank
windup, green w/ steel tracks, c. 1920's camera icon
Structo Ready-Built No.144 Tractor & Trailer
windup, red/orange, 8.5", c. 1930's
Structor Ready-Built No.46 Tractor, Trailer & Scraper
windup 8.5" tractor, c. 1930
Structo Ready-Built No.56 Sifter
late 1920's - 3 pc. set, elevator-hopper-conveyor-screen tower camera icon
Structo 1920's Police Patrol Wagon
blue, 17", nice
Structo No.405 Packard Dump Truck
open cab, red, 17" camera icon
Structo No.405 Dump Truck
orange w/ lights, open cab 17" camera icon
Structo No.103 10-Wheel Army Tank
olive green/orange w/ crank revolving noise turret, c. 1939/40 camera icon
Structo Tractor Pulled Road Grader
green/red, 18", c. early 1930's camera icon
Structo Diamond T Hi-Way Transport Truck
early 1930's, red/yellow 2 pc., metal wheels, 24"
Structo Grab Bucket Crane
red/green, early 1930's camera icon
Schieble 1930's Passenger Bus
yellow w/ green roof, spare tire, 22" long camera icon
Turner Early C-Cab Dump Truck
red w/ rubber tires, 22"
Structo Diamond T Style Dump Truck
No. 200 gray w/ orig. box, 21" long camera icon
American National Giant Mack Dump Truck
1920/30s restored, 28", nice camera icon
Arcade Green Coupe
Arcade Fageol Bus w/ Driver
blue 12" camera icon
Arcade Mack Truck w/ Driver
red 9"
Arcade McCormick Threshing Machine
Arcade Sedan w/ Driver
red camera icon
Bliss 'Jackson Park' Wooden Trolley Pull Toy
early paper litho, 17" long camera icon
Cor-Cor Chrysler Airflow Auto
silver w/ rubber tires, 17", restored camera icon
Chein 'Hercules' Ferris Wheel
tin litho windup camera icon
Buddy 'L' Aerial Fire Truck
29" long, red, c. 1926-30. camera icon
Buddy L Concrete Mixer
large early model, c. 1926 camera icon
Buddy L Dump Truck
10 wheel hydraulic, green/red camera icon
Buddy 'L' Large Size Dump Trucks
open cab, rubber tires, black camera icon
Buddy L Flivver Auto
green paint, repro. camera icon
Buddy 'L' Grocery Truck
black large size, restored
Buddy 'L' Steerable Coach - {item_start}150
pre-1932 motorbus, light green 30", restored camera icon
Buddy L 'Repair it Unit' Tow Truck
red/white/green camera icon
Cor-Cor 1930's Bus w/ Lights
black w/ red trim, 25", restored camera icon
Cor-Cor Graham Paige Sedan
burgundy, 21", restored
Cor-Cor Large Size Train Set
loco-tender-tank, flat & bin cars-caboose, nice
Dayton Early RR Locomotive & Coal Tender
red paint, 20" camera icon
Dayton Early RR Freight Cars
closed & open freight-caboose, ea. 12" long camera icon
Doepke Model Toys MG Roadster
red 15", nice
Empire Pressed Steel Ferris Wheel
belt drive, 13" t. camera icon
Empire Pressed Steel Windmill
steam power belt drive w/ water pump, 19" t. camera icon
EP Germany Brass Horizontal Steam Engine
w/ original box camera icon
Kingsbury "Little Jim" USA Army Truck
windup, open cab w/ cloth cover, 10.5", sold by JC Penny Co. camera icon
Kingsbury "Little Jim" Crawler & Wagon
motor driven, orange/green, tractor 8", early sold by JC Penny Co. camera icon
Kingsbury Airflow Auto & Travel Trailer
orange/brown, restored camera icon
Kingsbury No.796 Tractors w/ Roof
chain drive windup, c. 1926 camera icon
Linemar Toys Vertical Steam Engine
Marx Car Hauler & Cars
Marx Sit & Ride Truck
restored camera icon
Nylint 50th Anniv. Semi & Trailer
Nylint 1946 Amazing Windup Car
No. 0600, restored, 14" camera icon
Nylint No.1100 Elgin Street Sweeper
c. 1950-52 camera icon
Nylint Mechanical Front End Loaders
c. 1948-49
Nylint No.1200 Pump-Mobile
Moving Cowboy, complete w/ box & instructions, c. 1950-52 camera icon
Schieble Friction Pickup Truck
blue/red 18", balloon tires, 1920's camera icon
Meccano 1920's Builder Kit
also, red/black auto, 8.5" camera icon
Schieble Closed Cab Dump Truck
black/red, 1920's
Schieble Mack Dump Truck
blue, 22", c. 1925
Schieble Early Pumper Wagon
yellow w/ driver, 14" c. 1917, nice cond. camera icon
Schieble Roadster
blue/red/yellow 18", c. 1920's
Schieble Roadster w/ Balloon Tires
turquoise/red/orange wheels, 18", c. 1920's camera icon
Schieble Sedan
18" w/ Balloon Tires camera icon
Smith Miller Mobilgas Semi & Wooden Double tanker
camera icon
Smith Miller Mobilgas Tanker Truck
camera icon
Steelcraft Mack Open Cab Dump Truck
nice red/green paint, rubber tires, 23" long camera icon
Structo Fire Dept. Pumper/Ladder Truck
lights, fire hydrant camera icon
Structo Model Building Accessory Outfit No. 3A
early c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Model Building Outfit No. 4
in boxes, one w/ instructions camera icon
Sturditoy Mack Closed Cab Truck
early black large size
Tonka 50th Anniv. Dump Trucks
NIB camera icon
Arcade Cast Iron Double Decker Bus
"Chicago Motor Coach" w/ driver & passenger, balloon tires, red paint, 13" camera icon
Steam Engine Accessories
Buzz Saw & Grinder
Cast Iron Horse Drawn Carriage w/ Driver
camera icon
Cast Iron Lion Pulling Cart
early camera icon
Friction/Hillclimber Auto & Driver
orange, c. 1910
Friction/Hillclimber Fire Ladder Truck
w/ cast driver & fireman, 15" long, c. 1915
Schieble Friction Fire Ladder Truck
flywheel drive w/ cast driver & fireman, 16", c. 1909 camera icon
Hillclimber Omnibus
early w/ driver & passenger, blue paint
Hydrox Products Pressed Steel 1930's Delivery Truck
22" long, probably Playboy Toy Co. camera icon
Friction Early Trolley Car
red/yellow paint, 20" camera icon
Wyandotte Pan American China Clipper Airplane
and many other great toys.
Tonka 1956 Aerial Sand Loader
complete, nice camera icon
Early Structo Stake Truck - $900
green paint, 22" long camera icon
Little Jim Playthings for J.C. Penny Co. Early Dump Truck
23" long w/ orig. paint camera icon
1919 Buddy "L" Open Cab Dump Truck
25" long, chain crank w/ Firestone tires camera icon
Turner 1920's Red Dump Truck
camera icon
White 1920's Dump Truck
orange/green paint, 23" camera icon
Buddy 'L' City Dray Truck
w/ lights, green/yellow, 19" camera icon
Schieble Touring Sedan
red/blue repaint camera icon
Sructo No. 12 Deluxe Improved Auto
"Little Jim" Shovel
early camera icon
Nylint No. 1000 Deliver-All Windup
camera icon
Turner C-Cab Truck
black w/ red wheels
Sturditoy Dump Truck - $775
cab, red whhels camera icon
Buddy 'L' Open-Cab Ratchet Dump Truck
w/ red spoke wheels
Item Name
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Description Photo
{item_start},250 - J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co. Eagle Hitching Post
heavy cast iron w/ ornate post, 51" tall w/ 4 bolt base, rare camera icon
Case Eagle/Globe Cast Iron Bookends
camera icon
Wisconsin Folk Art Carved Figure
by R. Schifferl, 19" camera icon
Childs Fancy Oak Pressed Back Rocker
Oak Stick & Ball Fireplace Screen
Cats Warming By The Fireside, litho on cloth, 23"x30" camera icon
Victorian Bird Cage
octagonal shape, lots of fancy cut design, c. 1950 camera icon
1853 Gutta Percha Miniature Photo
camera icon
Cast Iron Flaming Book Ends
Oak Stave 5 gal Keg
Early Oak Stave Small Pail
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Leaded Art Glass Old Church Window
orig. wood frame, 7'10"x 35" camera icon
Leaded Art Glass Window Panels
Choice of 2 - 9" x 24" or 10.5" x 24" camera icon
Victorian Cast Shelf Brackets
Art Pottery
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Roseville Pine Cone - $650
camera icon
Roseville Tourist Jardiniere - {item_start}950
c. 1916 and a nice hanging basket camera icon
Roseville Early Nude Table Lamp
camera icon
Roseville Baneda
c. 1933 camera icon
Van Briggle Turquoise Floral 10" Vase
Rare Nude Silhouette Panel
camera icon
Rozane 1900's Handpainted Glaze
camera icon
Dutch & Early Creameware
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Pine Cone
camera icon
Morning Glory
Bleeding Heart
White Rose
Water Lily
camera icon
Zephyr Lily
and more
Early Pitchers
camera icon
Blended Glaze
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Cherry Blossom
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Magnolia Cookie Jar
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Snowberry Tea Set
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Decorated Creamware Jardiniere & Pedestal
Umbrella Stands
Clematis & Planters
camera icon
camera icon
Teasel Table Lamp
camera icon
Montacello Table Lamp
w/ ornate brass bass camera icon
Corinthian 1923
camera icon
La Rose
camera icon
Autum Jardiniere
camera icon
Roseville Freesia Vase
No. 120, 7"
Roseville Snowberry Tea Pot
marked ITP camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
camera icon
Apple Blossom
camera icon
camera icon
Carnelian 1910
Rv ink stamp camera icon
Cherub Cameo
Rozane 1917
camera icon
Early Jardeniere
camera icon
Nude & Panel Wall Pockets
camera icon
camera icon
Rare Tourist Basket - Sold {item_end}100
camera icon
Item Name
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Description Photo
Dutch Impressionist Oil Painting
in the style of William Fredric Ritschel (1864-1949) oil on canvass 48"x30" in ornate gilt period frame. camera icon
Scottish Long Hair Cattle & Ram Oil Painting
42"x24", canvass camera icon
Colonial Winter Lithograph
36"x24" in ornate gold gilt period frame camera icon
R. Lee Signed Horse & Carriage Oil Painting
hardboard 16"x20" camera icon
Item Name
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Description Photo
Old Milwaukee Lighted Wall Sign
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Mid Century Brass Candle Sticks & Plant Stand
Catalin Art Deco Barometer
Little Red Riding Hood Collection
by Hull Art Pottery camera icon
Old Rockford Advertisment
Thermometers-Calenders-Druggist Bottles
Oriental Carved Dresser Chest
Hummel Goebel Figurine Collection
Germany & W. German marks, over (20) examples camera icon
Beatrix Potter's & Royal Doulton 'Bunnykins'
camera icon
Country Store
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Jas. S. Kirk & Co. Soap Makers Adv. Poster
early litho pre-Proctor & Gamble, 26"x36" camera icon
1880's Wrapped Tobacco Snuff
egg shaped w/ good old labels, unique
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Patio Theatre, Freeport - Movie Poster
orig. litho cardboard "Clark Gable & Lana Turner" in Honky Tonk, 22"x28" camera icon
1905 Standard Atlas of Winnebago County
Farm Primitives
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Deere & Mansur Cast Iron Planter Lid
camera icon
Champion Cast Iron Implement Seat
and more
Farm Toys
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
1950 Oliver Super Farm Set
by Slik-Toy, 6 pc. w/ bright orig. box, 1/32 scale camera icon
Silver King Pedal Tractor - $925
single front wheel, mint cond. Rare! camera icon
Firearms Ammo
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Western Super-X 410 GA. Wooden Shell Box
camera icon
Winchester 22 Short Wooden Shell Box
Montgomery Wards Small Arms Wooden Ammo Crate
Lee Wooden Dovetailed Shot Shell Crate
Winchester & Peters Paper Shell Boxes
camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Early Bentwood & Canvass Trappers Back Pack
complete w/ cap camera icon
1933 Johnson Sea-Horse Outboard Motor
Model J 65, Ser. No. 208264, brass & nickel, beautiful condition camera icon
1948 Martin "20" Outboard Boat Motor
2 3/4 HP, runs, restored, nice camera icon
Youth Size Wicker Fishing Creel
camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
"Quaint" Furniture Stickley Bros. Desk
quarter sawn oak w/ gallery 4-drawer top, 36"x23", brass label: Sold by Kuehners Furnishers, Freeport ILL, orig. finish camera icon
Limberts Arts & Crafts Desk Chair
quarter sawn oak, impressed mark #199 camera icon
"Quaint" Furniture Stickley Bros. Library Table
quarter sawn oak, 54"x31", paper label #2500, orig. finish camera icon
Arts & Crafts Mission Oak 2-Door Bookcase
quarter sawn, 53"t.x 40"w. camera icon
Horse Drawn
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Early Horse Hide/Hair Buggy Blanket
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Van Briggle Turquoise Vine & Floral Table Lamp
w/ orig. Butterfly celluloid 13" shade camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Deco 9-Drawer Dental Cabinet
Mfd. by W.D. Allison Co., Style No. 3040, black & chrome, 44"h x 27"w. camera icon
Early Surgeon's Medical Kit
15 pc., leather case w/ nickled hardware camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
U.S. Civil War Leather Cartridge Pouch
'Mann's Accouterments' type, all orig. w/ brass buckle mount & white canvass sling, impressed Watertown Arsenal 1863, nice camera icon
U.S. 1838 Brass Rifle Flask
heavily embossed, marked N.F. Ames, nice camera icon
German Waffen-SS Poster
for 'Mountain Troop' volunteer, original 15"x20", framed camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Folk Art Banjo
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Galena 2 Qt. Jar
camera icon
Galena Pottery
2 gal. preserve jar & 2 gal. crock w/ applied handles camera icon
Whitewater Preserve Jars
and more camera icon
Olive Glaze 2 Gal. Preserve Crock
Early Spongeware & Blend Glaze Pigs
Dan Mercer Ware Pitcher
matte green, W. Virginia
Redware Shannandoa? Green Glaze Pitcher
early, 8"t.
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
1836 Decorated Corner Cupboard
barrel front, great handpainted designs, 78"t.x44"w., outstanding camera icon
Early 36" Wooden Dough Trough
camera icon
Early Kitchenware
camera icon
Bentwood Sugar Pail & Lid
camera icon
Split Hickory Gathering Basket
and other early items
Monarch Embossed Lion Kitchen Jar
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Adlake Railroad Lantern
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Winchester "Authorized Dealer" Metal Sign
24"x10" camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Gorham Sterling Silver Pair of Fancy Candle Holders
camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Early Saltglaze Field Jugs
camera icon
Thomas Fanning, Rochester 4 Gal. Ovid Jug
and more camera icon
Stoneware Tea Kettle
w/ lid & fancy applied handle camera icon
Stoneware 4 Gal. Butter Churn w/ Lid
camera icon
Blue Grey Stoneware Milk Pitchers
Choice of 3 camera icon
Spongeware Covered Grease Pitcher
4" w/ lid camera icon
Stoneware Bale Handle Chamber Pot
w/ lid
Weir Stoneware Bale Lid Fruit Jars
Choice of 3 camera icon
Henderson Stoneware Foot Warmer
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
W.F. & John Barnes Velocipede Scroll Saw
No. 2 foot powered, decorated cast iron frame & wood table/arm, pat. date 1876 camera icon
Arcade Cast Iron Bench Scroll Saw
marked 25 S2
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Lindstrom Windup Mother Duck
Old Fisher Price Collection of Pull Toys
wood & paper litho
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
1888 Cast Iron Express US Mail Train Set
loco-tender-2 cars, overall 36" camera icon
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