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Hack's Coin & Jewelry Auction 4/6/2019 10:00 AM
AMERICAN SILVER & GOLD COINS - Liberty Head Five & Ten Gold, 1923 St Gaudens Double Eagle, 1910 Indian Head Ten Dollar Gold Eagle, Silver Coins from 1800 to present, Complete Mercury Dime Set and others, 1877S Trade Dollar, Large & small cents from 1803 up, Morgan CC Silver Dollars and others, Books and Rolls, Silver Mint & Proof Sets, Large Wheat Cent collection, Paper Currency and More!
FOREIGN COINS - 16th to 20th Century! - Early Swedish, Great Britain, Norway, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and others. Swedish Ores from 1616 up, 1777 Swedish Silver Riksdaler, 1863 Swedish Silver 4 Riksdaler, 1786 Spanish Colony Silver 8 Reales, 1830A French Silver 5 Franc, Paper Currency and More!
Also, Featuring a Large Collection of Native American Artist Signed Sterling Silver/Turquoise Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Costume Jewelry!
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296
Pecatonica, IL 61063
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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Item Name
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Description Photo
Draped Bust Half Cents
Choice of 3 - 1801, '05 or '07
Classic Head Half Cents
Choice of 1809 or 1826 camera icon
Liberty Head Large Cents
Choice of 1816, 1820 etc
Braided Hair Large Cents
Choice of 1848, '51, '52 or '56 camera icon
Flying Eagle Cents
Choice of 1857 or 1858
Early Indian Head Cents
1862 & '63
1802 Draped Bust Large Cent
camera icon
1809 Classic Head Large Cent
1864 Two Cent Piece
Large Motto? camera icon
1853 Trime
camera icon
III Cent Nickels
Choice of 1865 or 1867 camera icon
1834 Capped Bust Half Dime
camera icon
Liberty Seated Half Dimes
Choice of 1857 or 1860 camera icon
Dime Type Set
1845, 1853 w/ arrows, 1873, 1910, 1936 & 1959
Quarter Type Set
1860, 1877, 1907, 1917 & 1957
1829 Capped Bust Half Dollar
camera icon
1854O Liberty Seated Half Dollar
camera icon
1858 Liberty Seated Half Dollar
camera icon
1877CC Half Dollar
camera icon
1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar
13 star reverse camera icon
1847 Liberty Seated Dollar
camera icon
1877S Trade Dollar
camera icon
1900 Lafeyette Comm. Silver Dollar
camera icon
1882CC Unc Silver Dollar
camera icon
Five Dollar Gold Half Eagles
Choice of 2 - 1897 or 1901 camera icon
1910D Indian Head Ten Dollar Gold Eagle
camera icon
1923 Saint-Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Double Eagle
camera icon
1996 American Eagle Gold Bullion Proof Coin Set
camera icon
1988 Olympic Proof Coin Set
Silver Dollar & Five Dollar Gold camera icon
1991S American Eagle Silver Proof
One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin
1984S Olympic Silver Proof Dollar
Eisenhower Uncirculated Silver Dollars
Choice of - (2)1971S & (2)1972S
Eisenhower Centennial Silver Proof Dollars
Choice of 3 - 1990P
Eisenhower Silver Proof Dollars
Choice of 4 - 1972s & (3)1971S
1982D George Washington Anniversary Comm Silver Half Dollar
1982S George Washington Anniversary Comm. Proof Silver Half Dollars
Choice of 5
1986 Silver Liberty Coins
1986D Half Dollar & 1986S Silver Dollar
US Liberty Two Coin Silver Proof Set
1987S US Constitution Silver Proof Dollar
Gold 50th Anniv. First Solo Transatlantic Flight Coin
14k gold, Charles Lindbergh NY to Paris Flight camera icon
1861 Liberty Seated Half Dollar
camera icon
1863 Liberty Seated Dollar
camera icon
1878 Morgan Silver Dollar
8 feathers
1875S Twenty Cent Pcs.
Choice of 2
V Nickel Book
15 coin book 1899-1912
Indian Head Cent Book
Complete set 55 coins, plus (3)1857 & 1858 Flying Eagle Cents
Large Cent Book
29 coins 1826-1856, no 1829, '52 or '57
Flying Eagle & Indian Cent Book
1857 & 1858(both types) Flying Eagles and 1859-1909 Indian Heads(no1869over68, 1876, 1908S or1909S)
Lincoln Cent Two Book Set
1909-1960 missing only 1955 double die!
Buffalo Nickel Book
60 coin book, 1913-1938, missing 1913DII, '14D, '15S, '17S, '18D & '24S
Lincoln Cent Partial Books
Choice of 3
Jefferson Nickel Book
1938-1960 Complete book!
Liberty Seated Dime Book
1837-1891 32 coin book
Mercury Dime Book - Complete
Complete Set! 1916-1945, 78 coins including 1916D!
Roosevelt Silver Dime Books
Two Book Set - 1946-1964 Complete! plus 1964-1979
Barber Silver Quarter Books
Two book partial set - 17 coins - 1892-1916
Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Book
13 coin partial book plus 1916D Barber Silver Quarter
Washington Silver Quarter Set
Two book set - 1932-1979 Only missing 1932D&S & '37S
Liberty Head Silver Dollar Book
1904-1915 Only missing 1904 & 1908O
Liberty Walking Silver Half Dollar Book
Two Book Set 1916-1947 Missing 1916S & plain, 1917D & 1921
Franklin Silver Half Dollar Set
Two book set - 1948-1963 Complete 35 coin set! Plus 1964-69 Kennedy Halves
Eisenhower Dollar Book
13 coin book plus Susan B & Sac. Dollars
Columbian Expo Comm. Silver Half Dollars
Choice of 1892 or 1893
1918 Illinois Centennial Comm. Silver Half Dollars
Choice of 2
1926 Oregon Trail Comm. Silver Half Dollar
1989 Columbus 5 Dollar Silver Proof Coin
Bahamas, 300 grains Sterling Silver
1878S Morgan Silver Dollar
1890CC Morgan Silver Dollar
Morgan Silver Dollars
Choice of - (2)1896, '96O, '98S or 1903
1921 Morgon Silver Dollars
Choice of 6
1921 Peace Silver Dollar
Peace Silver Dollars
Choice of 18 - 1922-1928
1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars
Lot of 30
Franklin Silver Half Dollars
Choice of 2 rolls+
Liberty Walking Silver Half Dollars
Lot of 27
Barber Silver Half Dollars
Lot of 6
1960P Washington Unc Silver Quarter Roll
Washington Silver Quarter Rolls
Choice of 3+
Silver Quarters
Lot of (3)Barber & (7)Liberty Standing
Mercury Silver Dimes
Choice of 5+ rolls
Barber Silver Dimes
Lot of 15
1960P Roosevelt Silver Unc. Dime Roll
Roosevelt Silver Dimes
Choice of Several Rolls
Buffalo Nickels
Choice of several rolls
Jefferson Nickels
Choice of several rolls - War nickels, etc
Indian Head Cents
Lot of 10
1954 Mint Set
Three mint set in flat display
US Silver Proof Sets
Choice of flat packs - 1955-1963
1962 Proof Coin Set
1963 Silver Mint Set
1996 US Mint Prestige Set
1901S Liberty Head Five Dollar Gold Eagle
camera icon
Liberty Head Ten Dollar Gold Eagles
Choice of 1899 or 1907 camera icon
1777 Swedish One Riksdaler Silver Coin
Gustavus III camera icon
1830A French 5 Franc Silver Coin
Charles X - Type 2 camera icon
1863 Swedish Silver 4 Riksdaler
camera icon
Swedish 5 Ore Silver
1691 & 1749
Swedish Silver 1 Krona
1875 & 1967 camera icon
1855 Swedish Silver 10 Ore
Large AG? also 1867
Swedish Silver Coins
Mostly 1940s
1638 Swedish 1/4 Ore
Swedish 1/6 Ore Coins
Choice of 1666 or 1675
Swedish 1 Ore Coins
Lot of 6 - 1761 2 Ore and 1718, '19, '25, '30 & 1761 1 Ore
Swedish Skillings
1799-1854 - 1/6 to 1 Skilling coins camera icon
Swedish Ore Coins
1850s to 18902 - 1/2 to 5 Ore coins camera icon
1786 Spanish Colony Silver 8 Reales
camera icon
1797 Great Britain Penny
camera icon
1944 Australia Silver Florin
1858 Ireland Banker Coin
William Hodgins Cloghjordan
Brunswick Balke Collender Co. 5 Cent Trade Token
A. Washburn
1893 Columbian Expo Comm Silver Half Dollar
1803 Draped Bust Large Cent
1868 Shield 2 Cent
1869 Liberty Seated Silver Half Dollar
Silver Half Dollars
Bag of 9 - 2 Franklin & 7 1964 Kennedy
Morgan Silver Dollars
Choice of 7 - 1879, '81S, '87, '91O, 1900S & 1921 camera icon
Peace Silver Dollars
Choice of 10 - 1922 & 1923, P,D & S camera icon
1996 American Eagle $50 Dollar Proof Coin
One Ounce Proof Gold Bullion Coin
1990 American Eagle $5 Gold Proof Coin
One Tenth Ounce Proof Gold Bullion Coin
1986 Liberty Three Proof Coin Set
$5 gold, Silver dollar and half dollar
American Eagle One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coins
Choice of 11 - 1986-1992, 1997, 1998
1982 Geo Washington Silver Half Dollars
1 proof & 1 unc.
1984 Olympic Proof Silver Dollars
Two coin set
1986 Liberty Unc Silver Dollars
1987 US Constitution Proof Silver Dollar
1988 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar
1992 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar
Eisehower Unc Silver Dollars
Choice of - 1971-1973
Eisenhower Proof Dollars
Choice of 1971-1974
US Bicentennial Silver Unc Sets
Choice of 3
Silver Proof Coin Sets
Choice of 20 - 1961 - 1963 - 5 of each year
1997 Premier Silver Proof Set
US Mint Silver Proof Sets
Choice of - 1993, '94, '98, 2001-2003
1933 Swiss 5 Franc
And Many Central & South American coins
US Proof Sets
Choice of 1972 - 2004
Roll of Steel Cents
Also other wheat cent rolls
1986 Liberty Three Proof Coin Set
$5 gold, Silver and half dollar
1879O Morgan Silver Dollar
1990 Marshall Islands Battle of Britain $5 Coins
1986 Liberty Silver Two Coin Set
Silver and Half Dollar
1987 American Eagle Silver Proof Dollar
One Ounce Proof Silver Bullion Coin
1984 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar
Eisenhower Unc Silver Dollars
Choice of 12 - 1971-1973
Eisenhower Proof Dollars
Choice of 10 - 1971-1972
US Proof Sets w/ Dollar
1971 & 1974
Becentennial Silver Proof Three Coin Set
Indian Head Cents
Choice of 1874-1908
Lincoln Cent Collection
Choice of - Rolls, book, loose, etc
Buffalo Nickels
Several rolls
Jefferson Nickels
Several rolls, book & loose
Britain's First Decimal Coin Sets
5 coin set - Decimal Day 1971
Nixon Inauguration Medals
Foreign Coins
20th Century European, Central & South America, African, Islands and more!
1911 Indian Head 2-1/2 Dollar Gold Quarter Eagles
Choice of 2
US Obsolete Silver Collection
Confederate Paper Money
US Type Coin Book
Partial book, cents to Peace Dollar
US Special Mint Sets
Choice of 1966 or '67
US Mint Proof Sets
Choice of 1968-2015
US Mint Silver Proof Sets
Choice of - 1994, '96, 2001, '03 or '05
US Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets
Choice of - 1968-2015
Lincoln Cent Collection
Unc. rolls and many other rolls
US Bicentennial 3-Coin Set
Ronald Reagan & Statue of Liberty Double Eagle Silver Coins
American Bicentennial Comm. Medal
in First Day Issue
Durand Quasquicentennial Medal
1981, No. 302
Lincoln Bronze Medallion
from First National Bank, Minneapolis
Alaska & Hawaii Statehood Comm. Medals
1891 US One Dollar Silver Certificate
1934A US Five Dollar Silver Certificate
blue seal
One Dollar Silver Certificates
Choice of Series 1935C or 1935G
1976 Two Dollar Bills
Four post marked First Day Issues
Great Britain Coins
camera icon
1923 Canada One Dollar Note
1953 Two Dollar Bills
red seal
Foreign Paper Money
US Silver Coin Books
Several partial silver dime, quarter and half dollar books
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Sterling & Turquoise Salamander
coral and turquoise, 925
Native American Silver & Turquoise Jewelry
Approx. 100 pieces of Navajo, Zuni & others including squash blossoms, broaches, bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, turquoise and corral. camera icon
RG Signed Sterling Bracelet
camera icon
Sterling & Enamel Squash Blossom Necklace
TQ signed
Marcella James Signed Sterling & Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace
N. Hony Signed Sterling & Turquoise Necklace
Sterling Turquoise & Corral 2 Sided Squash Blossom
necklace & matching earrings
Gale South Singed Sterling Cross Pendant
camera icon
Phil Chapo Signed Sterling Turquoise & Corral Red Bracelet Watch
camera icon
Arthor Platero Sterling Turquoise Necklace
Sterling & Turquoise Necklaces
Sterling & Turquoise Pendants
Sterling & Turquoise Crucifixes
Jeweled Silver Belt Buckles
including AQHA World Show
Sterling Breastplate Pendant
Sterling Silver Pony Link Wrist Watch
camera icon
Gemstone Collection
3.44 ct. Emerald Shape Tourmaline, 1.92 ct. Topaz, 1.92 ct. Antique Cushion Aquamarine and 8.81 ct. Amethyst
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