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Premiere Firearms, Sportsman, Military Auction '19 12/15/2019 10:00 AM
Large Firearms & Collector's Auction, Featuring Antique & Modern Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols-Revolvers-Ammunition. Winchester 1866-73-76-86-94-53 Lever Actions, Browning, Remington, Colt Python, Woodsmans, S&W, Ruger, High Standard, Ithica, Marlin, Savage, Rare German Luger, P.38, U.S. Springfield Model 1903, Remington Rand M1911A1, U.S. M1 Carbine and More. Airgun Collection, Peters-Win-Rem UMC Ammo Wood Boxes, U.M.C. .44 & .45 Antique Boxed Cartridges, Remington Kleanbore Cartridge Collection, Hunting & Fishing, Knives & Edged Weapons, Swords & Bayonets, Military, Game Mounts & Decoys, Artwork and A Great Selection of Old Advertisement & Memorabilia. NOTE: Auction Will Begin With Old Store Advertising & Displays.
Quality Firearms & Related Items Being Accepted For This Auction. 10% Buyer's Premium.
All State & Federal Firearm Laws Apply. FFL #3-36-201-01-1J-03526.
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296
Pecatonica, IL 61063
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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Winchester Litho Hand Fan
The Winchester Store - J.G. Metz, Williamsburg, PA
Hornady Pistol Bullet Display Board
relief carved camera icon
Winchester Ammo Tin Sign
Speer Bullet Display Board
w/ Wells Fargo litho background
Omark Founder's Bullet Display Board
1980, No. 2017 of 4000
1966 Remington Gun Display Kit
Store display, N.I.B.
1967 Winchester Cigar Store Indian Promotion Display
'Ugh! Heap Big Profit-Packed Promotion' N.I.B. camera icon
1976 French Browning Calendar
Gunslick Brushes Tin Counter Display
w/ new old stock brushes camera icon
Remington Kleanbore Embossed Metal Sign
1903 Illinois Game & Fish Laws Booklet
camera icon
1955 Daisy's Red Ryder Gun Book
1960s Remington Catalogs & Price Lists
camera icon
Dupont Powder Tins
Winchester 1954 Store Display Advertisement
great graphics, 28" x 20" litho standup cardboard, from Old Byron Illinois Hardware Store camera icon
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Crosman 22 Pump #32 Pistol
blk w/ brown grips, box & instructions
Crosman #600 Semi Auto Pistol
.22 cal. CO2, includes box camera icon
Hawthorne .22 Cal. CO2 Pistol
by Montgomery Wards Co. w/ metal case
Benjamin #132 Pump Target Pistol
.22 cal. in good package w/ instructions camera icon
Benjamin Super #137 Pump Target Pistol
.177 cal., orig. blue & white box w/ pellets & instructions
Benjamin #257 CO2 Pistol
.177 cal., wood grips, box w/ extra parts & pellets
Daisy Air Rifle Targets
Crosman Model 116 CO2 Pistol
.22 cal. w/ leather holster
Crosman #150 CO2 Pistol
.22 cal.
Benjamin #122 Front Pump Pistol
.22 cal. w/ wood grips
Zenit .177 Pump Pistol
wood grips, Mfd. 1937-40
Crosman Mark II Target Pistol
.177 cal. CO2
Crosman #130 Pump Pistol
.22 cal.
Crosman V-300 BB Target Pistol
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Description Photo
1850's Powder Flasks
brass & leather embossed
Early Powder Horns
Early Brass Bullet Mold
w/ walnut handles
Item Name
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Description Photo
Foreign Early 15" Socket Bayonet
Item Name
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Description Photo
Glass Toilet Powder Flask
camera icon
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Description Photo
Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Sporting Rifle
.44 Cal. w/ 24" rd. bbl., refinished, SN: 274673B, Mfd. 1887. camera icon
Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action Sporting Rifle
.40-60 W.C.F. w/ 28" oct. bbl., nice walnut, good orig. rifle, SN: 59866, Mfd. 1885. camera icon
Marlin Model 101 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., nice walnut stock, SN: unk.
J.C. Higgins M-101.1 Shotgun
410 ga. 3" chamber, 26" bbl., nice cond., SN: unk.
Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle
.177 BB, '20th Anniversary'
Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle
.177 BB, black finish
Remington Model 33 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ walnut stock, SN: unk.
Stoeger Condor II O/U Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 28" VR bbl., Deluxe walnut checkered stock, SN: 68299-01
Ithaca Mod. 37 Slide Action Shotgun
20 ga. w/ 28" bbl., engraved receiver & checkered wood, SN: 371493711
Savage Model 6B Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ mounted Bushnell scope, nice walnut stock, SN: 2094577
Ithaca Model 72 Lever Action Saddlegun
.22 LR cal. w/ 18" bbl., made in Western Germany, SN: 72008133
Winchester Model 62A Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ 23" rd. bbl., walnut stock, SN: 356205, Mfd. 1955, nice. camera icon
Winchester Model 1897 Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. full choke w/ 29" bbl., good walnut stock, SN: 426119E, Mfd. 1908.
S&W Eastfield Model 916 Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 30" VR bbl., SN: B08243
Remington 870 Express Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 27" bbl., matte finish, checkered walnut, SN: X300711M
Remington Model 514 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., SN: unk.
J. Stevens Single Shot Shotgun
.410 ga., SN: 452
Springfield Model 67 Slide Action Shotgun
410 ga. 3" w/ 25" bbl., SN: B279424
Ruger New Model Blackhawk SA Revolver
.357 cal. w/ 6" bbl., walnut grips, SN: 36-13656, very nice. Hunter #1100B 48 black leather holster & belt sells extra.
Smith & Wesson Police Model Revolver (Post War)
.38 S&W Special cal. w/ 4" bbl., walnut checkered grips, SN: S 906939, good orig. cond., includes Hunter fancy black leather holster/belt.
Smith & Wesson Model 36 Revolver
.38 S&W SPL cal. w/ 1 7/8" bbl., blue finish w/ case hardened trigger, walnut checkered grips, SN: 270242, good cond., includes leather holster.
High Standard Derringer
.22 Mag. cal. w/ blue finish, bakelite grips, SN: D57147
Jennings Model J-22 Semi Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal. w/ black finish, SN: unk., includes Hunter 52S holster.
E.G. Titan Semi Auto Pistol
.25 cal. w/ nickel finish, SN: 39827, includes Bucheimer leather holster.
Stevens Model 87D Semi Auto Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., walnut stock, SN: 2094577 pat., w/ brown leather case.
Colt Python Revolver
.357 Mag. cal. w/ 4" bbl, Colt Blue finish, checkered walnut grips, original box, SN: 88746, Mfd. 1968, Nice! camera icon
Winchester Model 42 Slide Action Shotgun
.410 field grade, excellent condition, SN: 125046, Mfd. 1956 camera icon
Winchester Model 61 Slide Action Rifle
.22 Win. Mag. R.F. cal. w/ 24" rd. bbl., grooved receiver, excellent cond., SN: 306075, Mfd. 1961 camera icon
Browning A-5 Early Semi Auto Shotgun
16 GA. w/ 28" bbl, deluxe checkered walnut, Fabrique Nationale Herstal Belgium, SN: 79534, Mfd. 1926
Browning Auto-5 'Light Twelve' Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 24" bbl., engraved receiver & gold trigger, deluxe checkered walnut, SN: L85810, Mfd. 1956
Savage Model 11 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle
.22-250 Rem. cal. w/ matte finish bbl., Hardwood poly stock, mounted Buckmaster II long range BDC scope, SN: J381302 camera icon
Winchester Defender Slide Action Combo Shotgun
12 GA. 3" w/ 18" & 28" VR barrels, blue finish & nice walnut, SN: L1939061
Winchester Model 1400 Ranger Semi Auto Combo Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 28" VR & 28" plain barrels, checkered walnut, SN: 117117
Browning Auto-5 'Light Twelve' Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. Made in Belgium w/ 29" etched bbl., engraved receiver, gold trigger, deluxe walnut checkered stock, SN: 1G 45864, Mfd. 1961
Browning Auto-5 'Magnum' FN Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. Made in Belgium w/ 32" VR bbl., engraved receiver, nice checkered walnut, SN: 70V 71402, Mfd. 1970
German Luger Code "41-42" Pistol
9mm Para. cal. w/ 4" bbl., Nazi proofs, very nice cond., SN: 5719, Scarce camera icon
Mauser P.38 Semi Auto Pistol
byf 43 marked, 9mm Para. cal., E/135 acceptance stamps, SN: 2117, also P38 black leather holster stamped 1943, SN: 8536E sold extra. camera icon
Savage Model 340B Bolt Action Rifle
.30-30 Win. cal. w/ 22" bbl., pistol grip nice walnut stock, extra mag., SN: unk. camera icon
Hopkins & Allen Break-Top Revolver
.32 cal. 6-shot w/ 4" bbl., nickel finish w/ Bakelite Shield grips, SN: G9466, pat. date 1888 camera icon
Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine
32 W.S. cal. w/ 20" bbl., nice condition, SN: 1630116, Mfd. 1949
Glock 22 Semi Auto Pistol
.40 cal. black finsih, marked Austria, SN: NR306, includes soft case w/ 3 magazines
Remington Model 12-A Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ walnut stock, SN: RW503690 camera icon
H&R .32 Cal. Revolver
2 1/2" bbl. nickel finish w/ shield bakelite grips, SN: unk., pat. date 1876
H&R The American DA Revolver
.32 cal. w/ 2" oct. bbl. nickel & bakelite grips, SN: unk., includes box .32 S&W ammo
German Double Barrel Shotgun
16 ga. w/ 29 " bbls., outside hammers, checkered walnut stock, SN: 75079, antique
Chinese Side Pump Air Rifle
.22 cal., black w/ finished wood stock, SN: 802012
Slavia 622 Barrel Cock Air Rifle
.22 cal., black w/ wood stock, SN: 94250
Chinese Side Pump Air Rifle
.22 cal., SN: 804983
China Lion Brand Air Rifle
.22 cal., black w/ stained wood stock, SN: unk.
Winchester Model 37 Shotgun
410-3" ga. w/ 26" bbl., nice walnut stock, SN: unk.
H&R Model 750 "Pioneer" Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ 24" tapered bbl., walnut stock, SN: unk.
Remington Model 31 Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 30" bbl., walnut stock w/ custom "White Line" recoil pad, SN: 30813
Winchester Model 37A Shotgun
20 GA. 2 3/4" & 3" full chock w/ 28" bbl., engraved receiver, gold trigger, SN: C724278
Browning 1911-380 'Black Label' Semi Auto Pistol
.380 ACP cal., stainless/black w/ walnut checkered grips, SN: 51HZR08572, new in hard case, extra mag. camera icon
American Tactical FX Titan-LW Semi Auto Pistol
.45 ACP cal. w/ 1911 style frame, 3 5/8" bull bbl., SN: TLW102840, nice camera icon
Sportswereus/R Guns Model TRR-15 Semi Auto Carbine
.223/5.56 cal., Don't Tread On Me, black w/ triangular stock & pencil bbl., SN: TRROA5812, canvass sling camera icon
Anderson AM-15 Semi Auto Carbine
Multi Cal. (223/5.56), heavy bbl., 6-positionstock, SN: 18009790 camera icon
Anderson AM-15 Semi Auto Carbine
.223/5.56 Nato cal., black w/ canvass sling, SN: 4623F12
R Guns Model TRR-15 Carbine
.223/5.56mm, AR-15 style, black, SN: KMA00510, canvass sling
CMMG Model 4SA Semi Auto Carbine
.223/5.56mm, AR-15 style, black, canvass sling, SN: SA30255
Crosman Model 150 Pellgun Pistol
.22 cal. gas, plastic marble grips, orig. box
High Standard Supermatic Target Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal. w/ 6 3/4" bbl., brown plastic thumb rest grips, SN: 377435, Mfg. 1952 camera icon
Winchester Model 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine
.44 cal. brass frame & 20" bbl., SN: 163499, Fourth Model, Mfg. 1883 camera icon
Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action Rifle
.45-60 cal. w/ 28" oct. bbl., good walnut, SN: 17276, Mfg. 1880 camera icon
Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle
.38-56 W.C.F. cal. w/ 26" oct. bbl., SN: 71184, Mfg. 1891 camera icon
Marlin Model 880 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 L.R. cal. w/ stainless Micro-Groove bbl., black checkered stock, Simmons 4x32 scope, (3) mags., SN: 04497156, new cond.
J.C. Higgins Mod. 46DL Levermatic Rifle
.22 cal. w/ deluxe wood stock, Simmons 4x32 scope, SN: 103.19840 (pat.#), nice
Taurus Model 450T Revolver
.45 LC cal., Titanium w/ 2" ported bbl., grey matte, ribber grips, SN: SK772385, includes hard case camera icon
Colt Detective Special Pre-War Revolver
(First Issue) .38 Spl. cal., 2" bbl. w/ checkered walnut grips, SN: 476747, nice camera icon
Colt Woodsman Match Target Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal. blue w/ 6" bbl., checkered walnut grips, very nice, SN: 301911S, sells w/ cardboard wood grain box camera icon
Colt Woodsman Target Model Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal., blue w/ 6" bbl., black plastic grips, SN: 161064S, nice camera icon
Smith & Wesson Model 25-5 Revolver
.45 Colt cal., blue finish w/ 6" bbl., Hogue grips, SN: BAE1152 camera icon
Walther Model P1 Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para. cal., 5" bbl, black plactic grips, SN: 158143W899, good cond. camera icon
Hawes Firearms Target Model Tip-Up Pistol
.22 LR cal. single shot, 8" blue bbl. w/ polished nickel frame & deluxe walnut grips, SN: 49674, Made in Germany (Sauer & Sohn). camera icon
Smith & Wesson Model M&P 15 Semi-Auto Rifle
.223 Rem./5.56 NATO cal., AR-15 style, Picatinny rail, SN: TF41436, includes hard carry case.
Winchester Model 53 Lever Action Rifle
.25-20 WCF cal. w/ 22" rd. bbl., Lyman style peep sight, nice walnut, very nice, SN: 5611, Mfd. 1925 camera icon
Winchester Model 1890 Slide Action Rifle
.22 WRF cal. w/ 24" oct. bbl., overall very nice, SN: 461901, Mfd. 1911 camera icon
Browning 300 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle
stainless bolt, deluxe walnut checker stock, mount Nikon Monarch UCC scope, Made in Belgium, SN: 8L 48598 camera icon
Browning 'Twelvette' Double Auto Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 26" VR bbl., engraved gold inlay receiver, deluxe walnut checker stock, gold trigger, SN: 2A42054, exc. cond., Mfg. 1957-71. camera icon
Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle
.222 Rem. cal. w/ 20" tapered bbl., walnut checker stock, mounted Tasco 3-12x40 scope, SN: 7970, nice camera icon
A.H. Fox SxS Deluxe Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 30" Krupp steel bbl's, engraved receiver marked Ansley H. Fox, double trigger, checkered pistol grip stock, SN: 15789, Mfd. 1910, exc. cond. camera icon
Ted Williams Sears Model 282 Shotgun
12 GA. single shot e/ 30" bbl., walnut stock, engraved, SN: 359259 camera icon
Winchester Model 120 Ranger Combo Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA. 3" w/ 24" Deer slug & 28" VR bbl's, walnut stock, Laseraim scope, SN: L1767940, hard carry case camera icon
Iver Johnson Break-Top Revolver
.38 cal. w/ 3" bbl., old bakelite Owl grips, SN: 88556 camera icon
Walther PK380 Semi-Auto Pistol
marked S&W, .380 Auto cal., black, SN: PK120362, includes 3 mag. & hard case camera icon
Stevens Model 22-410 Rifle/Shotgun
.22 cal/410 ga. w/ case hardened receiver, plastic stock, SN: unk. camera icon
Ithaca M-600 O/U Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 30" VR bbl., engraved receiver, deluxe checker walnut, gold trigger, SN: CM620548 camera icon
U.S. Model 1903 Springfield Armory Bolt Action Rifle
.30-06 cal. w/ good walnut finger groove stock, clear cartouches, adj. long range sights, SN: 729375 (Pre War), very good cond. camera icon
AMT Back-Up Model Semi-Auto Pistol
.45ACP cal., double action, brushed stainless, SN: DA3282 camera icon
Raven Arms Model P-25 Semi-Auto Pistol
.25 Auto cal., Nickel finish, Walnut grips, Original box, SN: 263141 camera icon
Rohm RG10 Revolver
.22 short cal., 2.5" bbl, SN: 1144188 camera icon
Ithaca Model 37 Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga., 2-3/4" chamber, 30" bbl, engraved receiver, checker pistol grip stock and forearm, SN: 18340
CBC Model SB Single Shot Shotgun
410 ga., 3" chamber, full choke, 26" bbl, SN: C1126301
Gaucha-IGA Single Shot Shotgun
12 ga., 3" chamber, full choke, 28" bbl, Brazil mfd., SN: 15778
Revelation Model 350H Single Shot Shotgun
16 ga., 2-3/4" chamber, full choke, 28" bbl, (Savage/Stevens Model 94) SN: P153569
Smith & Wesson Break-Top Revolver
.38 cal. 6-shot w/ 5" bbl, Bakelite grips, SN: 339160
Winchester Model 1890 Slide Action Rifle
.22 LR cal. w/ 24" oct. bbl., fair cond., SN: 233301, Mfg. 1905
KMart 'Squires Bingham Model 20' Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 LR cal., nice stock, SN: 23-892564
Western Auto Revelation Bolt Action Rifle
.22 Mag. WMR cal., leather sling, SN: unk.
Remington Rand Govt. Model 1911A1 U.S. Army Semi-Auto Pistol
.45 ACP cal. w/ parkerized finish 'United States Property', checker walnut grips, SN: 1033069, includes orig. U.S. leather holster, nice! camera icon
Hamilton No. 39 Pump Gallery Rifle
.22 short cal., blue w/ nice wood stock, pat. Aug. 9, 1910 camera icon
Glock 27 Sub-Compact Semi-Auto Pistol
.40 S&W cal. Gen 4, black, SN: TZT158, includes 3 mag. & hard case. camera icon
Savage Springfield Model 840 Bolt Action Rifle
.30-30 cal, mag, SN: 172453 Springfield 4x scope, soft case
Ruger Silver Eagle Standard Model Pistol
.22LR cal, 4.75" bbl, 2 clips, hard case, SN: 12-69369
FEG Hungary PA-63 Semi Auto Pistol
9x18mm cal, brush stainless frame, 2 clips, hard case, SN: L006681
SKB Model 3000 Lightning Semi Auto Shotgun
Custom made for Ithaca, 12 ga., 2.75" chamber, 30" VR full bbl, Deluxe waterfowl engraved receiver, SN:S7323120
Savage Stevens Model 325-C Bolt Action Rifle
.30-30 cal, mag, SN:unknown
Traditions Black Powder Bolt Action Rifle
.50 cal, matte stainless, SN: 14-13-029878-95 w/ Simmons 1033 4x32 scope
Ranger 7-Shot Boot Pistol
.22 Long cal., engraved nickel w/ pearlite grips, pat. date May 27, 1879 SN: unk., Antique
Beretta M9 U.S. Govt. Model Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para. cal. w/ black finish & logo grips, dot & post sights, SN: M9-183067, like new, hard carry case
U.S. M1 Military Carbine
Rock Ola mfg., .30 Carbine cal., good walnut stock w/ clear cartouche, canvass sling, SN: 1754711, nice
Winchester Model 62A Slide Action Rifle
.22 S, L or LR cal. w/ 23" rd. bbl., very nice cond., SN: 280102, Mfg. 1950
Ranger M-134 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 cal. w/ walnut finger groove stock, SN: unk.
Colt M1991A1 Semi-Auto Pistol
Series 80, Colt .45 Auto cal., black finish, SN: 2791814, includes 2 mag. & hard case
Springfield Sporterized 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle
26" tapered bbl., deluxe checker walnut stock, mounted Bushnel 3x-8x scope, SN: 417419
Mauser Mod. 98 Bolt Action Rifle
marked Preduzele 44, 7.65mm w/ walnut finger groove stock & Weaver scope, SN: E1750
Meriden SxS Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 32" Damascus bbls., walnut stock, receiver marked A.J. Autrey, SN: 4678
Thompson Center Renegade Black Powder Rifle
.54 cal. w/ 27" oct. bbl., SN: 230455
Winchester Model 190 Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 L-LR cal., nice stock, scope, SN: B1910862
Firearms Ammo
Item Name
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Description Photo
Early Hercules Powder Tins
Shot Shell & Cartridge Box Collection
Peters, Winchester, Federal, Western, JC Higgins, Remington, Marlin, etc. camera icon
Remington 1100 Litho Store Counter Displays
1966 150th Anniv.
1940s Winchester .303 Ball Cartridge Ammo
Speer .303 Ammo Box
camera icon
Eley Shell Boxes
Olin 1962 .45 Match Ammo
camera icon
Peters & Remington UMC Wood Ammo Boxes
Remington Kleanbore Boxed Cartridge Collection
large variety of calibers
U.M.C. '44 Calibre Winchester' Boxes of Cartridges
green & red old paper
U.M.C. 45 'S&W Schofield Model' Antique Cartridges
50 central fire box
Federal American Eagle .22 LR Ammunition
1600 rounds
Remington Thunderbolt .22 Ammunition
500 rounds
Federal Auto Match Target Grade .22 Ammunition
975 rounds
Item Name
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Description Photo
Mason Factory Wood Duck Decoys
Winchester WT-541 Spotting Scope Set
in deluxe carry case
JC Higgins No. 3152 Automatic Reel
w/ box
South Bend Cast-Oreno No. 5 Reel
South Bend No. 1120 Fly Reel
Item Name
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Description Photo
Winchester 10 Year Service Pin
in original box camera icon
Item Name
(click on the item's name)
Description Photo
Frost Fancy Laminated Handle 11" Hunting Knife
J. Marttiini Finland 10" Knife
Smith & Wesson Quality 10" Hunting Knife
#13156 w/ leather sheath
Estwing 8 1/2" Hunting Knife
German Bull Hand Made GB-100 Knife
8 1/2" brass/stainless w/ Stag grips
Old 2 & 3 Blade Pocket Knives
Buck #105 Hunting Knife
Buck 450C Knife
German Stag Handle Hunting Knives
U.S. Divers Auqa-Lung 12" Knife
stainless w/ hard plastic handle
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