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Farm Primitives
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Crate Full of Wooden Berry Baskets
Hickory Bentwood Picnic Baskets
Barn Pulleys
camera icon
Kerosene Barn Lanterns
Horse Collars
Brass Hames
Beam Augers
Wooden Hopper Fruit Press
camera icon
Iron Hay Harpoon
PQ Vintage Oak Handle Reel Lawn Mowers
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Platform Scale w/ Brass Beam
Early Wooden Goat Cart
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Grain Scoops
Hay Hooks
Old Iron Planter Wheels
Early Hay Sythe
Genuine Barrett No. 1 XL Railroad Jack
Milk Cans
(16) to choose from camera icon
McCormick Corn Sheller
Cast Iron Football Style Revolving Hog Oiler
Butchering Kettle - 36" w/ Iron Housing
wood burning style
Hay Harpoons
Galv. & Wooden Chicken Feeders
Old Iron Implement Wheels
Bull Blinder
Corn Shellers
Wooden Chicken Crates
Marlowe Feed & Hatchery Scoop
Huntley, IL camera icon
Early Horse Head Hitching Post
camera icon
Cast Iron Lead Foundry Pot
3 gallon camera icon
Wooden Grainery Belt Pulleys
The American 1899 Hay Knife
Early Oak & Iron Counter Stool
camera icon
Cast Iron Drink Cups
Old Well Pumps
Galv. Tubs
Pump Jack
Milk Cans
Apple Baskets
Gummow's Dairy Galv. Milk Box
Glass Butter Churns
H. Guinther Wood Egg Crate
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