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Cast Iron Well Pumps   
Antique Saws   
Blue Enamel Roaster   
Branding Irons "mark 5" 
Brass 5-Cent Cigar Spittoon 'All Famous Havana, Embossed, Etc. 
Brass Fire Extingushers   
Brass Fireplace Andiron Set   
Brass Label Milk Can  Robt. Springman  
Buck Saws   
Bundle of Wood Shingles   
Bushel Baskets   
Bushel Baskets   
Cast Iron Kettles   
Cast Iron Skillets   
Cast Victorian Lamp Brackets   
Child's Ironing Board w/ iron 
Decorated Milk Can   
Dietz Lantern    
Dovetailed Butter Mold   
Early Stave Barrel   
Early Victorian Wood Panel Door    
Early Wood Hose Reel w/ iron wheels 
Fancy Cast Victorian Dbl. Plant Bracket   
Galvanized Buckets   
Galvanized Buckets  and drain oil pans  
Glass 4 Qt. Butter Churn   
Glass Insulators   
Granite & Enamel Ware Pcs.   
Granite Canner   
Horse Collar and other horse items 
Horse Hide Buggy Blanket 'The Bishop' by J.H. Bishop Company 
Horse Yoke eveners 
Log Rollers   
Old 2-Man Saws   
Old Carpenter Tools    
Perfection Heaters   
Primitive Kitchen Utensils Whipper, Ice Tongs, Alum. Roaster, Etc. 
Primitive Tool Displays   
Primitive Wash Bench   
Sad Irons   
Slatwood Egg Crate and other old items 
Slaw Boards   
Two Man Saw   
Wooden 16' Ladder and more 
Wooden Carpenters Tote w/ green paint 
Wooden Picture Frames   
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