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Galvanized Wash Tubs
Bushel Baskets
Kerosene Lamps
Old Sleds
camera icon
Metal Lock Box
Enamelware Pot
American Grey Plates
Hay Hooks
Bentwood Baskets
Primitive Bentwood Pine Table
Primitive Wooden Boxes
Primitive Tinware Household Utensils
Vintage Green Wall Cabinet
Primitive Bentwood Upright Churn
Bentwood Legs
Lap Top Coffee Mills
Arcade, Etc.
American Gray Granite Collection
Choice of Coffee Pots, Bowls, Colindars, Trays, Plates, Etc.
Good Copper Boiler
Arcade Crystal No. 3 Coffee Grinder
Cast Iron & Tin Muffin Molds
Large Primitive Utensil Collection
Tin, Wood, Cast, Etc.
Wagner Cast Iron Skillets
Standard Cast Cherry Pitter
Rollman No. 31 Food Chopper
Glass Rolling Pins
Primitive Wooden Silver Totes
Wire 2-Qt. Milk Bottle Carrier
Sensible No. 5 Sleeve Iron
Trivet Collection
Choice of Over 30
Adams Fancy Cast Iron Stove Pipe Grate
Miniature Parlor Stoves
American Cast Iron Child's Parlor Stove
American Family Scale
Tin Tapered Candle Molds
Choice of 3, 6 & 12 Place Molds
Red & Green Handled Wooden Utensils
Early Copper Tea Kettles
Universal Copper Coffee Service Set
w/Brass Accents
Fancy Copper Service Pcs.
Primitive Bellows
Tin Baby Bath Tub
Wire Carpet Beaters
Primitive Ice Tongs
Meat Saw
Royal Washer Wringer
Copper Wash Boards
Enterprise Cherry Pitter
Azteca Molino Clamp On Mill
Primitive Stools
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