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Wooden & Wrought Iron Cider Press   
Adams Cast Stove Dampers   
Bale Handle Ice Tongs   
Barn Beam Augers   
Barrel Rings   
Brass Blow Torch   
Bushel & Peck Baskets   
Cast Iron Cookstove Kettle   
Cast Iron Skillets Wagner, Griswold 
Cast Star Pulleys   
Climax Cast & Tin Crank Shredder   
Conservo Tin Cookstove Top Oven   
Copper Boilers   
Early Beam Lead Weight Scale   
Early Bee Smokers   
Early Cast Apple Peeler   
Early Cast Rope Winder 1901 Pat. Date 
Early Copper Tea Kettle   
Early Draw Knives   
Early Nickel Gas Iron   
Early Railroad & Pipe Wrenches   
Early Tin Fuel Cans   
Early Tin Ice Cream Freezer   
Early Tin Plunger Washing Machines   
Enterprise Lard Presses   
Galvanized Minnow Bucket   
Glass Insulators    
Granite Ware Roasters, Boilers, Etc. 
Griswold No. 7 Alum. Skillet   
Griswold No. 8 Waffle Iron   
Griswold No. 9 Waffle Iron and Base, The American 
Guardian Ware Boiler   
Hand Corn Pegs & Huskers   
Hansen Utility Scale   
Large 21 in. Pipe Tongs   
Large Primitive Wooden Rolling Pin   
Large Wooden C-Clamps   
Large Wrought Iron Ice Tongs   
Lock & Jack Planes   
Milk Cans   
Milk Cans   
Milk Stool, 3-Legs   
Nail Kegs Nice Variety 
Primitive Bentwood Chairs w/ Old Paint   
Primitive Beverage Crate   
Primitive Brooder Thermometer    
Primitive Corn Dryers   
Primitive Kitchen Utensils   
Primitive Leather Tool Belt   
Primitive Shoe Last Sets   
Primitive Step Stools   
Primitive Tin Fuel Cans Choice of 1 to 5 Gallon 
Primitive Tools planes, drivers, mallets and more 
Red & Green Handled Utensils   
Rockford Pure Ice & Fuel Co. Bale Ice Tongs   
Rug Beater Collection Choice of 10 
Sad Iron Sets   
Stanley No. 0 Cherry Level and Others 
Stave Barrel Rings   
Tin Coal Hods & Shovel   
Two-Man Saws   
Universal & Husqvarna Food Grinders   
Wagner 0 14 in. Skillet   
Wagner 14 in. Griddle   
Wagner 8 in. Griddle   
Ward-Love Cast Cistern Pump   
Wooden Chicken Crate   
Wooden Hay Pulley   
Wooden Hay Pulleys   
Wooden Ironing Boards   
Wrought Stove Clinkers   
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