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Milk Cans
Firkin Bale Handle Bucket
in old white paint
Hibbard and Spencer Food Grinder
Early Pine 2 Door Dry Sink
Essanay Brass & Copper Fire Extinguisher
Brass Tea Kettles
Brass Candle Sticks
Brass Spittoons
Copper & Brass Chaffer
Galvanized Bushel Basket
Cast Iron Frog Door Stop
camera icon
Cast Iron Skillets
Cast Iron Frog Letter Holder
camera icon
Copper Tea Kettles
Brass Spittoons
camera icon
Lap Top Coffee Mills
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Wooden Hand Turned Bowls
Wooden Mashers
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Wooden Butter Paddles
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Wooden Utensils
Cigar Mold
Copper Boiler
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Wire Egg Basket
Egg Crates
Tin Candle Mold
Rendering Cauldron
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Metal Milking Stool
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Galv. Bushel Basket
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