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Erie 781 Cast Iron Pot  dated Mar. 10, 1891 
Folk Art Painted Metal Dutch Girl 24 in. 
American Gray Enamel Teapots   
American Grey Graniteware  cream pot, pans and ladle  
Aqua & Glass Bail Fruit Jars    
Arcade Crystal No. 3 Wall Coffee Grinder    
Arcade Laptop Coffee Mill    
Arcade No. 1 Table Mill   
Blue Speckle Enamel Mixing Bowls & Pans  
Brass Early Bells   
Brass School Teacher Bells    
Cast Barrel Wall Match Safe   
Cast Folding Vict. Carpet Stool   
Chevells Primitive Scoop   
Early Coal Iron   
Early Wooden Butter Mold    
Freidag No. 8 Cast Iron Waffle Iron   
Gray & Blue Enamelware Trays, Pots, Etc. 
Griswald Erie No. 7 Cast Kettle    
Horse Haimes Hook Foot Stool   
Iron Food Choppers & graters, funnels, etc.  
Laptop Coffee Mill   
Milk Glass Hanging Salt Crock and Wooden Type Salt Crocks 
Molded Blue Enamelware   
Oak Sewing Machine Drawers   
Pine Gate Leg Tables    
Polished Copper Bucket   
Primitive Kitchen Utensils Whippers, Graters, Chain Pot Scrubbers, Choppers, Funnels, Etc. 
The H.A. Progress Coal Dated 1913 
Tin Food Molds   
Whipper Jars    
White Enamel Pitcher & Bowl Set    
White Enamelware Collection  pitchers, tea pots and more  
Wooden 1 Lb. Butter Mold    
Wooden Mixing Bowls   
Wooden Silverware Tote   
Yankee Clipper Wooden Snow Sled and more 
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