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Ice Tongs
Cast Iron Floor Grates
Heavy Screw Jacks
Bridgeport Nail Puller
Old Hardware Bolt Bin
38" w x 53 t, from hardware store in Warren, 2 pc. camera icon
Tall 1 Door Pine Raised Panel Cupboard
24" w x 81" t, gray paint camera icon
Wooden Handle Garden Cultivator
and more
Primitive Farm Ladders
camera icon
Carpenter's Work Bench
heavy top w/ 2 clamps, w/ wainscot cupboard top camera icon
Maple Top Carpenters Bench/Cabinet
60" wide w/ 2 vises, wainscot 2-door top cabinet, marked inside drawer 'F.C. Johnson, Rockford Ills.'
Wagnerware Sidney No. 1102 D Greaseless Frying Skillet
Griswald No. 863 Rabbit Cake Mold
w/ original Rabbit & Lamb Recipe Book camera icon
Griswald No. 897/ 898 Santa Cake Mold
camera icon
Erie Griswald No. 8 Hand Cooker
24 1/2" wide
Erie Griswald No. 8 Pot
Erie Griswald No. 8 Flat Bottom Kettle
Wagner No. 8 Waffle Iron
camera icon
Griswald No. 1730 Eagle Trivets
camera icon
Wagnerware Sidney 0 International Molders & Allied Workers Union Skillets
Nicholson Hardware Co. Cast Iron Skillet Ash Trays
Rockford, IL camera icon
Griswald Erie PA No. 570A Skillet Ash Trays
&570 camera icon
Wagnerware Skillet Ash Trays
No. 1050A & 1050D
Wangerware Sidney No. 1053E Cast Iron Skillet
Griswald Erie PA No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet
Griswald E 10 1//2" Skillet
Griswald Erie PA No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet
Griswald No. 9 Cast Iron Tite-Top Dutch Oven
1279, w/ 1289 lid
Griswald No. 8 Cast Iron Griddle
Griswald Colonial Breakfast Skillet
666 B camera icon
Wagnerware Sidney Bacon & Egg Breakfast Skillets
1101A, 1101C, 1101D, 1101E
Griswald Erie PA No. 8 Cast Iron Skillets
704 & 704B camera icon
Cast Iron Corn Bread Pans
Griswald No. 262 Crispy Corn Stick Pan
Erie, PA
Griswald No 273 Crispy Corn Pan
camera icon
Griswald No. 34 Cast Iron Plett Pan
camera icon
Griswald No. 1102 D Greaseless Frying Skillet
Griswald No. 866 Lamb Cake Mold
13", 922 camera icon
Griswald No. 106 Cast Iron Mailbox
105 on lid
Griswald Double Broiler
10 1/2", w/ Wagner Greaseless skillet base, circa 1901 camera icon
Griswold No. 32 Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pans
ch. of 2., one wth Erie, PA mark
Griswald No. 3 Skillets
Griswald No. 8 Skillets
Griswald No. 10 Muffin Molds
camera icon
Griswald Glass Self Basting Lids
Griswald Patty Molds Boxed Set
orig., includes paper recipe booklet camera icon
Griswald's-Paddy Irons Boxed Set
camera icon
Griswald's No. Corn Bread Pan
Erie, Penn USA
Griswald No. 9 Waffle Iron
Griswald No. 9 Cast Iron Griddle
Griswald Stove Dampers
4", 5", 6" camera icon
Steamer Trunk
Primitive Carpet Beaters
Primitive Washboards
Milk Can Cannister Set
Primitive Wainscot 2 Pc. Shop Cabinet
Grain Cleaner w/ Old Red Paint
Copper Boiler
Cast Iron Rendering Kettle
Chrome & Brass Torches
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