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Cast Fluting Iron   
Cast Iron Kettles   
Early Pine Carpenter's Chest Raised Panels, Old Carpentry Tools 
Hayden 1860 Brass Pail w/ Iron Handle   
Aqua Fruit Jars   
Aqua Fruit Jars   
Aquamarine Fruit Jars  and others 
Atlantic No. 5 Tiin Lunch Pail bale handle 
Barn Lanterns   
Bird House Collection   
Brass Pails   
Bronze Sun Dial   
Buck Saws and Old Farm Tools   
Bushel Baskets   
Cast Iron 15 lb. Dumb Bell   
Cast Iron Dinner Bell w/ yoke, Crystal Metal No. 1 Upright, 1886 
Cast Iron Rendering Kettles   
Cast Iron Skillets   
Cast Iron Well Pumps   
Cast Stove Pipe Damper Collection  large selection  
Cast Well Pipe Puller   
Chicken Waterers   
Childs Cast Iron Cook Stove Collection Choice of 6 - Little Queen & Crescent - w/ access. 
Chinese Early Wooden Tea Keg 100 lb., Stave and Iron Strap 
Climax Tin & Cast Crank Grater   
Columbia Meat Fruit Press by Landers, Frary & Clark 
Copper Apple Shape Syrup Kettle   
Copper Boiler   
Copper Churn   
Copper Kettles & Sauce Pans   
Dazey 1 gal. Churn glass 
Early Pine Grain Storage Bin   
Early Pine Shaving Mirror w/ Drawers   
Early Tin Tea Steeper   
Early Wall Mount Coffee Grinder Marked N.C.R.A. 
Early Wooden Bucket   
Enamel & Graniteware   
Enamel Ware   
Fancy Cast Wall Match Box w/ strike bottom 
Galvanized Radiator Can w/ brass tag 
Galvanized Radiator Pan    
Galvanized Wash Tub   
Gilchrist No. 78 Ice Shaver   
Glass Wash Board   
Granite and Enamelware   
Hammered Aluminumware   
Hand Wrought Wind Chime Collection   
Hay Knife   
Home Drink Mixer Jar   
Ice Cream Stools Choice of large or small 
Loads of Enamelware & Graniteware Primitive Kitchen Utensils and Relates 
Metal Shelving    
Milk Cans   
Oak Table w/ Old Green Paint   
Oak Turned Leg Stool   
Oak Wall Spice Box 8 drawer 
Old Bushel Baskets   
Old Sleigh Bells   
Old Wood Tine Rake   
Pine Wash Benches   
Pine Wide Wash Bench   
Primitive Fuel Can   
Primitive Fuel Cans   
Primitive Hand Tools   
Primitive Kitchen Utensils   
Primitive Oak Silverware Tote   
Primitive Pine Benches, Some Painted   
Primitive Tin Ware Nice selection to choose from - molds, scoops, utensils, etc. 
Primitive Tinware   
Rail Road Fuel Can   
Sad Iron Collection   
Sad Irons   
Sadirons large selection  
Stove Pipe Lifter Collection Penisunsular, Universal, Etc. 
Tin Hand Crank Churn Embossed 'FRIES', wood handle 
Trunk w/ Old Blue Paint   
Two Man Saw   
Victorian Cast Boot Match Safe w/ strike base 
Victorian Cast Wall Double Match Safe   
Wagner Skillet Ash Tray   
Walnut Hanging Salt Box   
Wash Boards   
Washboards large selection  
Wesson Oil Mayo Whipper Jar   
Wooden Advertisement Crates Big Selection 
Wooden Chicken Crate   
Wooden Farm Pulleys   
Wooden Hangers   
Wooden Mallets   
Wooden Nail Kegs   
Wooden Well Pump   
Wrought Iron Ice Tongs Choice of several nice examples 
Yale Fruit Press   
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