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Aqua Fruit Jars w/ Zinc Lids
Snow Shoes
Longhorn Mounts
Cast Iron Stove Pipe Grates
Broad Axes
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Brass Buckets
Copper Tea Pots & Kettles
Brass Mortar & Pestil
Buffalo No. 304 Brass Beam Scale
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Arcade Bird House
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Lightning Globes
Red, Milk Glass, Amethyst, Etc.
Hand Hewn Wooden Bowls
Brass & Copper Smalls
Local Advertisement Yard Sticks
Butterfield Bros., Pecatonica, and more camera icon
Anchor Brand Wooden Wash Tub Ringers
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Primitive Hand Tools
hay knives, sickles, ice tongs, monkey wrenches, etc.
Barn Lanterns
Wagner Dutch Oven
w/ glass lid
Early Triple Griddle
Piquaware No. 8 Skillet
Cast Iron Skillets
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Cast Iron Cistern Pump
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Cast Iron Bath Tubs
Galvanized Bushel Basket
Monarch Wood Crate
Griswald Erie No. 3 Skillet
Folk Art Church Bird House
and others camera icon
Industrial Art Gauge Floor Lamp
created by John Hess camera icon
Griswold No. 19 Heart Star Waffle Iron
nice camera icon
Cast Iron Boot Jacks
Cast Harness Hooks
Winchester 12 Ga. Wooden Ammo Crate
Early Steam Engine Pumps
w/ 4" & 6" flywheels

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Nail Kegs
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