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Firearms, Military & Sportsman Auction '18 11/11/2018 10:00 AM
Large Firearms & Collector's Auction, Featuring Antique & Modern Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols-Revolvers. Military Collection. Colt Python, Winchester, Marlin 1894 Lever Action, Smith & Wesson M-39, Remington, Browning, CZ, Sturm Ruger, Beretta, Mauser, Springfield, M-1 Garand, Ruger Blackhawks, High Standard, Walther, P.38, Taurus, Thompson 1927 A-1 Carbine & Many Others. Military Bayonet Collection, Edged Weapons & Knives, Samurai Swords, Hunting & Fishing, Game Mounts, Ammunition-Huge Amount & (25) Reloaders. Great Selection. Quality Firearms Being Accepted For This Auction, Contact Hack's.
All State & Federal Firearm Laws Apply. 10% Buyer's Premium.
Federal Firearm License #3-36-201-01-1J-03526.
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296
Pecatonica, IL 61063
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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U.M.C. Smokeless Powder Porcelain Sign
extra nice single sided, 30" x 20" NOS camera icon
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British Army SA80
US Springfield Trapdoor 45-70 w/ Scabbard
French 1866 Chassepot
French 1866 Chassepot St. Etienne
w/ scabbard, matching SN.
French M1874 w/ Scabbard
US Military Bolo Knife
marked S A 1914 camera icon
US Military Mod. 1917 C.T. Bolo Knife
w/ scabbard
British Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Dagger/Knife
w/ scabbard
US Camillus M4
w/ M8A1 & M10 sheaths
US M6 New Bayonet
dated 1971
USN Navy Seal MK3 Knife & Sheath
British 1907 WWI Wilkinson Bayonet
German WWII KS Army Luft NCO Dress Bayonet
w/ Lion
German Model 1938 Dress Long Bayonet
w/ Frog, nice
Russian Mosin Nagant 91/35
US WWII 1943 Union Fork & Hoe M1 Bayonet
U.S. M8 Bayonet
complete w/ metal scabbard, marked BM 00
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U.S. Springfield Model 1903 Military Rifle
30-06 cal. bolt action, bbl. marked HS 10 44, parkerized, walnut stock, S/N 980068
Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 Military Rifle
bolt action 7.62x54R cal., parkerized finish, wood stock, Arsenal refurbished, SN. 9130-6672, circa 1935, includes spike bayonet, tool kit, ammo pouch, sling.
High Standard Model 106 Military Semi-Auto Pistol
Supermatic Trophy Target, .22 LR cal., blue high gloss finish, 5 1/2" bull bbl. w/ weights & muzzle brake, extra clip & orig. box, SN. 1595405, nice. camera icon
Remington Model 12-C Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR, 24" oct. bbl., nice blue finish, nice walnut wood, break down, original, SN. 647428 camera icon
Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle
.25-20 WCF cal., 24" oct. bbl., nice walnut wood, very good condition, SN. 134216, Mfg. 1896. camera icon
Remington Model 141 Game Master Slide Action Rifle
35 REM cal., nice blue finish, w/ 24" rd tapered bbl., nice walnut, SN. 50427, Mfg. 1936-50, very nice camera icon
Standard Arms Model G Autoloader Rifle
.30 REM cal., ornate brass furniture, walnut stock, good blue finish, first gas operated semi-auto, made in 1910 (for only 1 yr) SN. 6701, scarce camera icon
Remington Model 8 Semi-Auto Rifle
.25 REM cal. - rare, 22" bbl., open sights, 5 shot mag., good condition, SN. 36001, Mfg. 1906-36. camera icon
Remington Model 7600 Slide Action Rifle
.35 Whelen cal., blue finish, Redfield 2 1/2x scope, Oak Poly Stock, SN. B8119268, nice condition camera icon
Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight Semi-Auto Shotgun
12 GA., 30" VR bbl, checkered walnut stock & forearm, very nice, SN. 510011389 camera icon
Mossberg 500 CG Slide Action Shotgun
20 GA., 28" VR bbl., w/ adj. scope, checkered stock, SN. J066754, nice camera icon
Wichester Model 9422 Lever Action Rim Fire Rifle
.22 L & LR cal., 20 1/2" bbl., walnut checkered stock, SN. F741077, NIB camera icon
Winchester Model 77 Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 LR cal., 21" bbl., walnut stock, SN. 155586, good condition camera icon
Browning Challenger II Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal., 6 3/4" bbl., blue finish w/ gold trigger, laminated hardwood grips, SN. 655RR06198, nice. camera icon
Taurus PT111 Millennium Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para., black finish, SN. TUG69497, extra mag & hard case camera icon
Crosman Optimus High Power Pellet Rifle
.177 cal., nice wood stock, mounted Center Point 4x32 scope, new condition camera icon
Winchester Model 94 Trail's End Lever Action Rifle
.357 Mag cal., 20" oct. bbl., case colored, w/ tang safety, deluxe walnut, SN. 6564482, NIB, New Haven Mfg. camera icon
Springfield Model 1911-A1 Compact R.O. Semi-Auto Pistol
.45 cal., matte black finish, checkered walnut grips, hard fitted case w/ extra mag. & accessories, SN. LW135655
Ruger New Model Blackhawk Revolver
.357 Magnum cal., stainless, 6 1/2" bbl., fancy wood grips, SN. 37-95673, like new in fitted case camera icon
Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Revolver
.44 Magnum cal., blue finish, 7 1/2" bbl., fitted black rubber grips, SN. 83-08005, nice condition camera icon
Heritage Rough Rider SAA Revolver
.22 LR cal., nickle finish, 4" bbl., fancy wood grips, extra cylinder, SN. HR29463 camera icon
Rohm Falcon Germany Snub Nose Revolver
.38 Special cal., blue finish, plastic checkered grips, SN. 89151 camera icon
New Empire Crescent Firearms SxS Shotgun
12 GA., 32" bbl., average condition, SN. 07181 camera icon
Ranger M34 Bolt Action Rifle
single .22 S-L-LR, walnut stock, SN. unknown camera icon
Winchester Model 74 Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 LR, walnut stock, SN. 282475A camera icon
Winchester Model 37 Shotgun
410-3" GA, 28" bbl., SN. unknown camera icon
Steven's Savage Model 77BD Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA, 28" bbl., walnut stock, SN. unknown, good condition camera icon
JC Higgins Model 583.20 Bolt Action Shotgun
12 GA, walnut stock, SN. unknown camera icon
H&R Top Break Revolver
.22 rim fire cal., blue w/ 6" bbl., 7 shot, SN. 468242, as is
Ward's Western Field 47A Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR rifle cal., walnut stock, SN unknown
Nagant Model 1895 Military Revolver
7-shot 7.62x38R cal., blue w/ checkered plastic grips, SN. 2353, circa 1921, sells w/ Lanyard, clean rod, holster, nice camera icon
CZ Model CZ52 Semi-Auto Pistol
7.62x25 cal., unissued, SN. J13232, includes holster, 2 mags., Lanyard & clean rod. camera icon
Yugoslavian Model K98/M48-20 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8mm cal., teak wood stock, unissued, SN. 45235A, includes Bayonet w/ frog, leather sling, ammo pouch, muzzle guide & cleaning kit, nice. camera icon
CZ Model CZ52 Semi-Auto Pistol
7.62x25 cal., unissued, SN. 04883, sells w/ holster, 2 mags., Lanyard & clean rod, nice. camera icon
German-Russian Capture Model K98 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8mm, black finish, SN. 8954, circa 1935, exc. cond. camera icon
Swiss Model K-31 Military Rifle
7.5x54 Swiss cal., 5 rd straight pull bolt action, black finish, SN. 955190, circa 1935, nice. camera icon
Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Military Rifle
bolt-action 7.62x54R cal., SN. NR8433, circa 1945 camera icon
Enfield Model No.4 Mark IV Military Rifle
bolt-action .303 cal., Savage "US Property", SN. 38C3580, circa 1938, nice. camera icon
Walther Model PP Manurhin Semi-Auto Pistol
.32 ACP cal. w/ blue finish, SN. 35346, nice.
Makarov Model Semi-Auto Pistol
9x18 cal. w/ black parkerized finish, SN. BMK04042, leather holster & Lanyard, Bulgarian camera icon
Walther Model P1 Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Luger cal. w/ black parkerized finish, extra mag., SN. 252224, nice. camera icon
Helwan Model 920 Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para cal., blue, 2 mags., SN. 2869422-1170896, box, Mfg. Eygypt camera icon
Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 Military Rifle
bolt-action 7.62x54R cal., Arsenal refurbished, SN. MH2422, sells w/ spike bayonet, tool kit & ammo pouch. camera icon
Yugoslavian Model M48 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8mm cal., black finish w/ teak wood stock, SN. M26402, circa 1948.
CZ Model 82 Semi-Auto Pistol
9x18mm cal., black finish, SN. 029695, extra mag., holster & Lanyard. camera icon
CZ Model 82 Semi-Auto Pistol
9x18mm cal., black, SN. 079211, extra mag., holster & Lanyard. camera icon
Romanian Tokarev TT-33C Semi-Auto Pistol
7.62x25 cal., black plastic grips, SN. YA943, circa 1953, extra mag., holster, Lanyard
Gazelle Arms Model SPA300 O/U Shotgun
12 Ga.3", stainless matte engraved receiver w/ 28" VR bbl., walnut stock, SN. 02S13300, NIB. camera icon
Poland Makarov Model P-64 Semi-Auto Pistol
9x18 cal. w/ black parker finish, stock grips, SN. ES12119. camera icon
Remington Model 870 Assault Shotgun
12 Ga. slide action w/ black parker finish, extra bbl., SN. W858340M
Rock Island Model 1911-A1-Twin Pines Semi-Auto Pistol
.45 ACP w/ black FS parkerized finish, 5", SN. RIA968710, case w/ extra mag. & US GI holster, nice. camera icon
Rossi Double Barrel Pistol
.22 cal., nickel plated, no grips, SN: E319152 camera icon
Winchester Model 1906 Slide Action Rifle
22 Short cal., 20" round bbl., nice walnut stock & forearm, SN. 19612 camera icon
Marlin Glenfield Model 30A Lever Action Rifle
30-30 Win. cal., 20" round bbl., carved buck deer & oak leaf stock, nice blue finish, mounted Marlin 4x32 scope, SN. 20054701 camera icon
Stevens Visible Loading Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR, 21" round bbl., good walnut stock, orig. condition, SN.862, circa 1907
Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle
7 MM Rem. Mag. Cal., black parkarized finished w/ grey camo stock, mounted Blazer 8-32x44 AO Scope, SN. E6250517, nice camera icon
Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle
222 Rem. cal., 24" bbl., black finish w/ poly grey stock, mounted AIM 4-16x50 AOE scope, SN. A6403259 camera icon
German Model 98 Bolt Action Rifle
30-06 Cal., 21" round tapered bbl w/ blue finish, walnut sporter stock, Siemens 6-18x40 scope, SN. 3942, Nazi proof camera icon
W. Richards Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA., outside hammers, 29" bbls., checkered walnut stock, SN. unknown camera icon
Thompson 1927 A-1 Deluxe Carbine Semi-Auto
.45 ACP cal., 16.5" finned bbl., black finish receiver w/ walnut grips & shoulder stock, accepts drum mags. "Tommy Gun" SN. KD3644, complete w/ fitted case, new condition camera icon
Ruger Model 10-22 Carbine
.22 LR cal., stainless barrel, full checkered wood stock, SN. 244-35723 camera icon
Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle
223 Rem. cal., 24" bbl. w/ black finish, camo stock, mount BSA Catseye 4-16x15 Scope, SN. C6727916 camera icon
Norinco NHM 90 Semi-Auto Rifle
5.46x45 mm, wood forearm, mounted Armed Forces Laser Sight Module scope, SN. 101007
Remington Model 141 Game Master Semi-Auto Rifle
22 LR cal., w/ butt stock tube feed, walnut patina stock, SN. 15846 camera icon
Savage Model 440A O/U Trap Shotgun
12 GA., 30" VR bbl., engraved checked walnut stock & forearm, SN. 52615 camera icon
Remington Model 710 Bolt Action Rifle
30-06 Sprg. cal., black matte finish w/ 22" bbl., grey poly stock, Bushnell scope, SN. 71062422 camera icon
Charles Daly Field Hunter Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA-3", 25" bbl., black matte finish, SN. 958312 camera icon
Benelli Nova Pump Action Shotgun
20 GA.-3", black finish, raised VR bbl., SN. CA023281 camera icon
Stevens Model 320 Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA-3", black finish, 18" bbl, poly stock, SN. 110312N camera icon
Grand VAZIR American Tactical Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA.-3", 18" bbl., SN. GV0133 camera icon
Rossi Snub Nose Revolver
.357 Magnum cal., stainless satin finish, SN. SE739472 camera icon
Marksman Model 0035 Pellet Rifle
.177 cal., blue finish w/ wood stock, mounted Tasco scope, SN. 44-1C-54397-99 camera icon
RWS Diana Model 34 Pellet Rifle
Cal. 4,5/177, blue finish, wood stock, Bushnell Sportview scope, SN. 01097715 camera icon
Veman Pellet Rifle
Cal. 4,5-177, Westfield scope, SN 266151 camera icon
Sheridan Model 392 PA Pellet Rifle
.22 cal., nice walnut stock, SN. 096707159 camera icon
Crosman 1400 Air Rifle
blue w/ wood stock SN. unknown
Marksman Model 1792 Pellet Rifle
.177 cal., blue / grey stock, Siemens scope, SN. 9250611
Remington Nylon Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 cal., black, checkered, SN. A2138277
Ruger P-85 Semi Auto Pistol
9 mm x 19 cal., matte finish, plastic grips, SN. 300-36634, fitted case
Ruger P95PR Semi-Auto Pistol
9 mm cal., black finish, SN. 317-17259, fitted case, extra mag.
Walther Creed Semi-Auto Pistol
9 mm cal., black finish, textured grips, SN. DEFCJ0551, case & extra mag.
Smith & Wesson SW40VE Semi-Auto Pistol
40 S&W cal., stainless matte slide w/ black poly frame, SN. RBK9108
C&H Revolver
.38 special cal., 6 shot, 2" bbl., blue, walnut checkered grips, SN. 35417
Winchester Model 101 O/U Barrel
12 Ga. 28" VR, also Stag Arms 5.56 Nato upper w/ Laser & Redfield 3x-9x scopes and a 7.62x39mm 1x10 upper w/ Picatinny rail.
Mauser HSc Model Semi-Auto Pistol
.380 ACP cal., blue w/ checkered walnut grips, Post WWII Interarms, SN. 4518, nice camera icon
Ruger Standard Model Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal. w/ 4.5" bbl., nice blue finish, walnut checkered fitted grips, SN. 130610 camera icon
Ruger P85 Semi-Auto Pistol
9mmx19 cal. w/ black finish, nice cond., cardboard box & extra mag, SN.301-62241 camera icon
Sig Sauer P938 Semi-Auto Pistol
'Nightmare', 9mm Para cal., matte black, like new in case, SN. 52B272995 camera icon
P. Beretta Model 70 S Semi-Auto Pistol
.380 cal., nice black finish, logo grips, extra mag, orig. box, SN. AO3497Y, nice gun! camera icon
Beretta Model 8040 Cougar Semi-Auto Pistol
.40 S&W cal., black finish, extra mag, like new in hard case, SN. 016685MC camera icon
Springfield Armory XDm-9 Semi-Auto Pistol
Match 9x19 cal. w/ black finish, Truglo under rail scope, complete w/ hard case-3 mags-accessories, SN. MG933021, new cond. camera icon
Winchester Model 75 Target Bolt Action Rifle
.22 LR cal. w/ 27" bb., nice walnut stock, SN. 60046, Mfg. 1938-56 camera icon
Winchester Model 97 Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 19" bbl., walnut stock, SN. 891152 camera icon
Remington Model 700 BDL Bolt Action Rifle
.243 WIN cal. w/ 21" bbl., Deluxe walnut raised cheek stock, Bushnell 3x-9x wide angle Banner scope, SN. A6659906, very nice camera icon
Marlin Model 1894-S Lever Action Rifle
.45 Colt cal. w/ 20" bbl., walnut stock, SN. 10004158, nice camera icon
Ruger No.1 Single Shot Rifle
'200th Year of American Liberty' in .22-250 Rem. cal., 26" Micro-Groove bbl. w/ quarter rib integral scope base & rings, Deluxe checkered walnut stock, SN. 130-37825, very nice! camera icon
Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para. cal. w/ 4" bbl., bright blue finish, checkered walnut grips, nice orig. box-mags-papers, SN. A210749, near mint cond., includes Don Hume H725 No. 5 holster camera icon
Hi-Standard Model DM-101 Derringer
.22 Magnum cal., blue finish w/ pearlite grips, SN. 1542393, nice camera icon
1942 Walther P.38 Military Semi-Auto Pistol
9mm Para. cal. w/ dull military finish, marked ac-42 w/ Nazi proofs, checkered walnut grip, orig. mag, SN. 7178j, very nice camera icon
Remington Model 1100 Semi-Auto Shotgun
12 GA. Magnum w/ 30" bbl., checkered walnut & engraved receiver, SN. M086118M camera icon
Colt Python Revolver
.357 Mag. cal. w/ 4" bbl., Royal Blue finish, checkered walnut Logo grips, SN. E70086, orig. box & papers, nice hard to find pistol! camera icon
Ruger Blackhawk "Flattop" Revolver
.357 Mag cal., blue finish w/ 4 5/8" bbl., walnut grips, early Mfg., SN. 31-10238, excellent condition, box & manuals camera icon
I. J. Target Revolver
.22 cal., 8 shot, blue w/ 6" bbl., walnut checkered 1 pc. grip, SN. N44803, w/ Brauer Bros. leather holster camera icon
"Civil War" Re-enactment Percussion Musket
54 cal. ball, 38" bbl., full stock, made in Belgium, SN. 868, antique. camera icon
"Long Fowler" Re-Enactment Flint Lock Rifle
69 cal., full stock, overall length 68", made in Belgium, SN. unk., antique. camera icon
Ithaca Deer Slayer Model 37 Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA., 26" bbl., nice checkered walnut, engraved receiver, SN. 74057, Bushnell High Contrast Scope camera icon
Ruger M77V Bolt Action Rifle
.22-250 cal., 24" heavy bbl. w/ nice blue finish, checkered walnut stock, red rubber butt plate, SN. 772-25793, w/ Tasco Deluxe Scope camera icon
Weatherby Orion Over/Under Shotgun
20 GA, 24" VR ribbed bbl., deluxe checkered walnut stock & forearm, gold trigger, SN. GN04438, very nice camera icon
Remington Model 721 Bolt Action Rifle
.257 Roberts cal., 24" bbl., blue finish w/ deluxe walnut stock w/ ebony, SN. unknown, nice condition camera icon
Remington Model 721 Bolt Action Rifle
30-06 Sprg. cal., 24" bbl. w. nice blue finish, checkered walnut stock w/ inlays, SN. 177323, Leupold 4x12 Vari-XII scope camera icon
Mossberg Model 500A Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA, 30" VR bbl., Camo finish, SN. K889609 camera icon
Milwaukee Gun Co. Single Shot Shotgun
12 GA, 30" bbl., SN. A3097 camera icon
Crossman Model 130 Target Pistol
.22 cal., blue finish w/ walnut grips, SN. unknown, like new in orig. cardboard box camera icon
U. S. Springfield M1 Garand Rifle
30 cal., nice walnut stock w/ square cartouche, Springfield Armory, SN. 532690, canvas sling camera icon
Mississippi Derringer
.38 Special cal., w/ blue finish, textured plastic grips, made in Germany, SN. 5875, w/ holster camera icon
Remington Model 870 Wingmaster Slide Action Shotgun
20 GA, 28" bbl., nice blue finish, walnut checkered, SN. 297291X camera icon
Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver
.38 S&W SPC. cal., blue w/ 1.5" bbl., open trigger guard, walnut checkered logo grips, SN. 864472, includes Alamo leather holster
High Standard Model 'B' Semi-Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal., blue finish w/ 5.5" bbl., checkered walnut fitted grips, SN. 26456, extra mag. camera icon
Ted Williams Model 300 Slide Action Shotgun
12 GA., 26" VR bbl. w/ choke, nice finish w/ walnut checkered stock, SN. Q46099, nice condition camera icon
Remington Model 1100 Semi-Auto Shotgun
12 GA. 3"., 24" bbl., blue finish w/ scroll engraving, deluxe checkered walnut, mounted Simmons scope, SN. N581165V, includes 12 GA rifle barrel camera icon
Iver-Johnson Champion Shotgun
12 GA., single shot, 30" bbl., walnut stock, SN. BCC
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle
5.56 cal., NIB, SN. KT3210127
Rock River Arms LAR-15 Semi-Auro Rifle
5.56 cal., NIB, SN. KT3303890
Browning Auto-5 "Light Twelve" Semi-Auto Shotgun
12 ga. w/ 28" bbl., engraved w/ gold trigger, checkered pistol grip rd. knob stock, FN model, SN. L-76910, nice
Iver Johnson Shotgun
16 GA. single shot, SN. 28059
Hartford Model 1860 Navy Revolver
Black Powder 44 cal. w/ oct. bbl., case hardened, engraved cyl., brass frame, made in Italy, SN. 491492
J. Stevens Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA. w/ outside hammers, checkered stock, SN. 11766
Russell Arms Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA. w/ side hammers, SN. 1341
Firearms Ammo
Item Name
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Description Photo
Remington 12 GA. New Shot Shells
10 boxes, 250, gun club target load
Winchester Smokeless Ball Powder
& others
Fancy Walnut Sporting Stock
.224 Bullets
Wichester 30-06 Springfield Unprimed Shell Case
new bag
22-250 Rem
Winchester 45-70 Ammo
Winchester AA 12 GA Wads
Remington 45 Colt Ammo
Bulletmeister 38
CCI 22 Short
Tigercat 22 LR
Shot Shells
12, 20 & 410
CV-2001 Vibratory Cartridge Case Cleaner
Promag AK Magazines
Tapco AK Magazines
Russia 7.62x39 MM
640 rds
Winchester Super-X 20 Gauge
10 boxes
Estate 20 Gauge Heavy Game Load
6 boxes
Remington 20 Gauge Heavy Dove & Field Load
12 boxes
Royal Buck 12 Gauge
case full
Winchester 12 Gauge Universal Shot Shells
10 boxes
Winchester 45 Auto
Remington UMC 45 Auto
Winchester 9 MM Luger
L&B .357 Magnum
Winchester 5.56 MM
full metal jacket
CCI 17 HMR Varmint
20 boxes
Savage Arms A17 Varmit Tip
several boxes
Federal .22 Long Rifle
550 rds per box
Large Selection of 22 Ammunition
Western Super-X 10 Gauge Mag
PPU 9 MM Luger
PPU 22-250 Remington
Remington 223
200 rds
Winchester 222 Rem
Winchester Super-X 410 Rifle Plug
hollow point
Armscor 22 Mag
Winchester 243
Winchester 308
Guardian 7.62 Nato
Federal 12 Gauge
4 cases
Federal No. 150 Large Pistol Primers
5000 per case
L&B SB Buck Shot
Remington Slugger 3" Mag
several boxes
Winchester Xpert 12 Gauge 3"
RIO 28 Gauge
case full
Winchester AA 12 Gauge Heavy Target Load
12 boxes
Hornady 17HMR
1000 rds
Remington 12 Gauge Buck Shot
WPA .223 Rem
Winchester Dinapoint 22 Win Mag
Brown Bear 7.62x39
case full
Golden Tiger 7.62x39
case full
Smokeless Black Powder
Winchester Wads
Remington Loads
Eco Shot
Steel Shot
loads of brass & shot shells
Winchester Large Rifle Primers
Hunter Military Style Rifle Sling
orig. box
Firearms Parts
Item Name
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Description Photo
Pachmayr Grips
Ruger Blackhawk & others
Item Name
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Description Photo
Pine Ridge 2.5-7x32 DML Scope
Streamlight TLR-1 Scope
rail mounted tactical LED
Flite II CO2 BB Pistol
SN. 09J00316
RELOADERS- Rifle & Shotgun
Duomatic Model 375 Reloaders (ch. of 12 all set up w/ different dies), Ponsness-Warren Deluxe Model 800B Reloaders w/ metered counters (ch. of 6), Ponsness-Warren Magnomatic Model 10 Reloader, Ponsness-Warren Model 375 Reloaders, Mec Grabber 76 & other shot shell reloaders
RCBS 3 Die Sets
.44 Mag/ .44 Spec., .222-.250, .222 Rem., .30-06, .25-06 and others
RCBS Primer Pocket Swagger Combo Die Set
Herter's .44 Mag. Die Sets
Lee Collet 7 MM Rem Mag Dies
Metal Military Cartridge Cases
30 cal., etc.
Universal Model D Charge Bar
Pacific Deluxe Scale
Ohaus Cent-O-Gram Balance Scales
Dillon Precision XL650 Reloader
w/ hopper & accessories
Dillon Precision Carbide Die Sets
Gun Cleaning Kits
Tipton Gun Vice
Outer's Varmetere Rifle Rest
Machinist Vices
Game Calls
Lohmer Game Calls
Ametek Hunter Spring Force Gage
Samurai Sword Collection
approx. 10 contemporary & older swords & scabbards
Leather Gun Travel Case
Hard Long Game Gun Cases
Browning Safari I Fancy Wood Bow
42 lb, 52"
Ben Pearson Signature No. 7330 Laminated Bow
Bear Polar Laminated Bow
66", 28 lb
Ben Pearson Laminated Bow
Ben Pearson Cougar 7050 Bow
Allen Teton XS Hunting Crossbow
mossy oak, center point mounted scope, w/ fitted case, SN. 511130050, like new
Victory Archery Arrow Set
Carbon Express Hunting Arrows
BSA Target/ Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 MM
& 8-32x50 MM
Armsport Scopes
Bushnell Scopes
Siemens Scopes
Truglo Scope

Laser AIM Dual Dot Scope
Fitted Pistol Grips
Laser 301 Scopes
Walnut Carved Sporter Stock
checkered w/ ebony tip, .222 cal.
Remington Orange Dome Targets
Bausch & Lomb Sport Glass Binoculars
Elk Power Bugle
Turkey Porter Roof
Barska Excavator 8-32x50 IRAO Scope
Simmons Dearfield 1" Rifle Scope
Bushnell Banner 1-4x32 MM Scope
Truglo Tactical 4x32 Rifle Scope
Item Name
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Description Photo
Buck Knife Collection
ch. of 102, 103, 105, 110, 112, 121
Case XX Knife
Browning Knives
German SGB Buffalo Hunter Knife
and (50) other knives.
Marble's Hunting Knife
w/ sheath
Ulrich German Hunting Knife
Item Name
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Description Photo
U.S. 1944 Shovel & Canvas Bag
marked Wood
1944 Brass Shell Case
105 mm, M14
Item Name
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Description Photo
Contemporary Samurai Swords
and others
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