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Premiere Firearms, Sportsman, Military Auction 12/15/2019 10:00 AM
Large Firearms & Collectors's Auction, Featuring Antique & Modern Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols-Revolvers-Ammunition. Winchester Lever Action, Browning, Remington, Colt, S&W, Ruger, Ithica, Marlin, Savage, Rare German Luger, P.38 and More. Hunting & Fishing, Knives & Edged Weapons, Swords & Bayonets, Military, Game Mounts, Artwork and A Great Selection of Old Advertisement & Memorabilia. Call Now To Consign, Entire Collections or Single Items Are Wecolme!
Quality Firearms & Related Items Being Accepted For This Auction. 10% Buyer's Premium.
All State & Federal Firearm Laws Apply. FFL #3-36-201-01-1J-03526.
400 W. Third St.
PO Box: 296
Pecatonica, IL 61063
Driving Directions
Phone: (815) 239-1436
Contact Name: Kathy
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Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Sporting Rifle
.44 Cal. w/ 24" rd. bbl., refinished, SN: 274673B, Mfd. 1887.
Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action Sporting Rifle
.40-60 W.C.F. w/ 28" oct. bbl., nice walnut, good orig. rifle, SN: 59866, Mfd. 1885.
Marlin Model 101 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., nice walnut stock, SN: unk.
J.C. Higgins M-101.1 Shotgun
410 ga. 3" chamber, 26" bbl., nice cond., SN: unk.
Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle
.177 BB, '20th Anniversary'
Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle
.177 BB, black finish
Remington Model 33 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ walnut stock, SN: unk.
Stoeger Condor II O/U Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 28" VR bbl., Deluxe walnut checkered stock, SN: 68299-01
Ithica Mod. 37 Slide Action Shotgun
20 ga. w/ 28" bbl., engraved receiver & checkered wood, SN: 371493711
Savage Model 6B Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ mounted Bushnell scope, nice walnut stock, SN: 2094577
Ithica Model 72 Lever Action Saddlegun
.22 LR cal. w/ 18" bbl., made in Western Germany, SN: 72008133
Winchester Model 62A Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal. w/ 23" rd. bbl., walnut stock, SN: 356205, Mfd. 1955, nice.
Winchester Model 1897 Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. full choke w/ 29" bbl., good walnut stock, SN: 426119E, Mfd. 1908.
S&W Eastfield Model 916 Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 30" VR bbl., SN: B08243
Remington 870 Express Slide Action Shotgun
12 ga. 3" w/ 27" bbl., matte finish, checkered walnut, SN: X300711M
Remington Model 514 Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., SN: unk.
J. Stevens Single Shot Shotgun
.410 ga., SN: 452
Springfield Model 67 Slide Action Shotgun
410 ga. 3" w/ 25" bbl., SN: B279424
Ruger New Model Blackhawk Revolver
.357 cal. w/ 6" bbl., walnut grips, SN: 36-13656, very nice. Hunter #1100B 48 black leather holster & belt sells extra.
Smith & Wesson Police Model Revolver (Post War)
.38 S&W Special cal. w/ 4" bbl., walnut checkered grips, SN: S 906939, good orig. cond., includes Hunter fancy black leather holster/belt.
Smith & Wesson Model 36 Revolver
.38 S&W SPL cal. w/ 1 7/8" bbl., blue finish w/ case hardened trigger, walnut checkered grips, SN: 270242, good cond., includes leather holster.
High Standard Derringer
.22 Mag. cal. w/ blue finish, bakelite grips, SN: D57147
Jennings Model J-22 Semi Auto Pistol
.22 LR cal. w/ black finish, SN: unk., includes Hunter 52S holster.
E.G. Titan Semi Auto Pistol
.25 cal. w/ nickel finish, SN: 39827, includes Bucheimer leather holster.
Stevens Model 87D Semi Auto Rifle
.22 S-L-LR cal., walnut stock, SN: 2094577 pat., w/ brown leather case.
Colt Python Revolver
.357 Mag. cal. w/ 4" bbl, Colt Blue finish, checkered walnut grips, original box, SN: 88746, Mfd. 1968, Nice!
Winchester Model 42 Slide Action Shotgun
.410 field grade, excellent condition, SN: 125046, Mfd. 1956
Winchester Model 61 Slide Action Rifle
.22 Win. Mag. R.F. cal. w/ 24" rd. bbl., grooved receiver, excellent cond., SN: 306075, Mfd. 1961
Browning A-5 Early Semi Auto Shotgun
16 GA. w/ 28" bbl, deluxe checkered walnut, Fabrique Nationale Herstal Belgium, SN: 79534, Mfd. 1926
Browning Auto-5 'Light Twelve' Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 24" bbl., engraved receiver & gold trigger, deluxe checkered walnut, SN: L85810, Mfd. 1956
Savage Model 11 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle
.22-250 Rem. cal. w/ matte finish bbl., Hardwood poly stock, mounted Buckmaster II long range BDC scope, SN: J381302
Winchester Defender Slide Action Combo Shotgun
12 GA. 3" w/ 18" & 28" VR barrels, blue finish & nice walnut, SN: L1939061
Winchester Model 1400 Ranger Semi Auto Combo Shotgun
12 GA. w/ 28" VR & 28" plain barrels, checkered walnut, SN: 117117
Browning Auto-5 'Light Twelve' Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. Made in Belgium w/ 29" etched bbl., engraved receiver, gold trigger, deluxe walnut checkered stock, SN: 1G 45864, Mfd. 1961
Browning Auto-5 'Magnum' FN Semi Auto Shotgun
12 GA. Made in Belgium w/ 32" VR bbl., engraved receiver, nice checkered walnut, SN: 70V 71402, Mfd. 1970
German Luger Code "41-42" Pistol
9mm Para. cal. w/ 4" bbl., proof marks, very nice cond., SN: 5719
Mauser P.38 Semi Auto Pistol
byf 43 marked, 9mm Para. cal., E/135 acceptance stamps, SN: 2117, also P38 black leather holster stamped 1943, SN: 8536E sold extra.
Savage Model 340B Bolt Action Rifle
.30-30 Win. cal. w/ 22" bbl., pistol grip nice walnut stock, extra mag., SN: unk.
Hopkins & Allen Break-Top Revolver
.32 cal. 6-shot w/ 4" bbl., nickel finish w/ Bakelite Shield grips, SN: G9466, pat. date 1888
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