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Holstein Cow Collection
Swiss Bell Collection
traditional decorated straps, ch. of 6, various sizes
camera icon
Angel Figurines
Fancy Brass Frame Dresser Trays
Texas Long Horn Steer Mount
Jane Roberts Wax Matches
Straight Razors
Beanie Babies
Steel Laser Cut Cowboy Wall Mount
Painted 2 Man Saws
Painted Hand Saws and Circular Blades
Bryer Horse Collection
Large selection, all NIB, 16 cases full
John Wayne Decoupage Clocks
Roy Rogers Framed Photos
Celebrity Framed Photos
Roy & Dale Rogers, Gene Autry, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and more
Dale Earnhardt Wall Clock
Beige & Brown Enamelware Pans
World Globe
on Wooden Stand camera icon
Macromet Art Pottery Hanger
3 pots camera icon
Large Ceramic Christmas Tree
camera icon
Texasware 11" Mixing Bowls
camera icon
Slide Projector
Bell Collection
china, glass, silver, Fenton and more
Paper Weights
Walnut Hand Carved Mallard
by Irv Phillips
Spaulding Melmac Dinnerware
Starr X Bottle Openers
ch of Coca-Cola, Falstaff and more camera icon
Planters Tin Nut Bowl Set
Swing-A-Way Cast Aluminum Deco Ice Crusher
Pyrex Nesting Bowl Set
Pyrex Nesting Bowl Set
Brass Candle Sticks
& other brass pieces
Wicker Laundry Basket
Miniature Booze Bottle Collection
Gentleman's Shaving Mirror
Keen Kutter Sealed Beam Metal Lantern
Pampered Chef Bowls & Caddie
Hisru Therapy Balls
Cast Brass Wall Eagle
Christmas Tree Flex Fence
Original Box camera icon
Loads of Old Santa & Christmas
Marble & Brass Bookends
Loads of Miniatures & Smalls
Inks, Bells, Figurines, Advertising, Cast, Etc., Etc.
Bentwood Sewing Box
Jars of Old Buttons
NOMA Chenille Candle Wreaths
Glass Humidores
Novelty Japan Salt & Pepper Shakers
Photo Albums
Halloween Collection
Candles, Black Cats, Pumpkins, Die Cut Witches, Etc. camera icon
Stereo Viewers & Sets of Cards
and hundreds of smalls camera icon
Dick Tracy Brass Badge
camera icon
Glass & Clay
Old Post Cards
Grant Embossed Plaque
Black Memorabilia & Native American Cards
Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection
Dallasware Lunch Tray
Beam Wildlife Decanters
African Wildlife Dresser Mirror & Box
Aunt Jemimah & Uncle Mose Salt & Pepper
Cherry Block Turned Canisters
Grand Piano Music Boxes
and more
Dionne Quintuplets Memorabilia
Bakelite Silverware
Woven Willow Baskets & Others
Huge Button Collection
jars & boxes full
Santa 1940's Die Cut Displays, Etc.
camera icon
Celluloid Santa & Reindeer
Japan Vintage Christmas Decorations
camera icon
Metal White Painted Dome Bird Cage
Santa Paper Mache Candy Boots
and more
Cookie Cutters
Tin, Alum., Big Selection
Larrge Selection of Miniatures
Plastic Rabbits & Ducks, Christmas Ornaments, Turkey Candles, Little Doll Baby Bottles, Doll Brass Candleabra, Robin's Egg Enamel Cup, Etc., Etc.
Huge Button Collection
Jars Full, All Ages & Styles, Bakelite, Metal, Wood, Etc., Etc.
Flocked Brush Christmas Tree
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