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Material & Quilt Patchwork
Furry Star Throw & Pillow
Embroidery Work
Fancy Work
Craftsman Router
w/ accessories & templates
Bath Towels
Embroidered Pillow Case Sets
Sewing Notions and Material
Bedding and Blankets
Hudson Bay Point Wool Blanket
Blankets & Linens
Wedding Ring Quilt
Fleece Throws
Bed & Bath Linens
Crocheted & Fancy Work
Jars Full of Old Buttons
Unique Sewing Items
and lots od old sewing
Hand Sewn Quilts
Sun Bonnet Quilt Patches
American 48-Star Flag, Large
Patterned Hooked Rugs
Beaded Victorian Collars
Fancy Work
Area Rugs
Hand Stitched Quilts & Blocks & Material
Crocheted Fancy Work
Table Cloths
Sunshine Girl Feedsack, Embroidered
Early Sewing Collection
Includes Brass & Embossed, Bakelite & Other Buttons, Many Displays
Rag Rugs
Quilted Comforters & Quilts
Blue & White Hand Stitched Quilt
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