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Franklin 9" Pitcher
unglazed finished, cracked
Bettendorf 11" Preserve Crock
tobacco spit glaze finish
Bettendorf 1 Gallon Beehive Jug
dark brown tobacco spit finish
Galena 8" Preserve Crock
Whitewater 10" Preserve Crock
w/ lid
Early 10" Preserve Crock
w/ lid, dark brown glaze
Southwest Wisconsin 10" Preserve Crock
Galena & Whitewater Preserve Jar & Crock Lids
5 1/2" dia.
Early Brown Glaze 7" Preserve Crock
Galena Over Fired 9" Preserve Crock
Galena Flower Pot
9" dia.
Whitewater 8" Banded Crock
tan glaze
Whitewater 9" Preserve Jar
rim chip
Galena 7" Ovid Crock
Early Decorated Yellow Handled Water Cooler
hand painted castle
Galena 10" Preserve Jars
multiple to choose from
Albany Slip Glaze Earthenware 7" Crock
Whitewater 9" Seed Crock
Beige finish
Galena Preserve Jars & Crocks
camera icon
Galena No. 4 Applied Handled Crock
Redware Sewer Tile Section
8" long w/ flat bottom
Whitewater Ovid Jugs
3 to choose from camera icon
Early Stoneware Ovid Jug
D. B. Herrinton Sponge Banded Applied Handled Crock
w/ lid, 6.5", Springfield
Whitewater Lily Decorated Crock
camera icon
Galena Tall Preserve Crocks
one w/ lid, 8" & 9"
Galena 6.5" Crock
Olive Green Glazed Tall Applied Handled Preserve Crock
13" w/ lid camera icon
Galena 8" Crocks
one tapered
Galena Preserve Crock
w/ lid
Galena No. 4 Gallon Churn
w/ applied handles, 16" tall
American Redware Pottery
F.T. Wright & Son 1 Gallon Stoneware Jug
Galena Stoneware Pottery Pieces
from historical digs
Mocha Banded Stoneware Bowls
Rare Redwing Crane Umbrella Stand
unusually unglazed, 22" tall, as is camera icon
Whitewater Seed Crocks
Macomb 20 Gallon Bee Scroll Crock
camera icon
Redwing Flower Pots
Redwing Red Unglazed Flower Pot
White's Fort Dodge, IA Brown Glaze Preserve Crock
Redwing 20 Gallon Salt Glaze Crock
beehive cobalt design & applied handles
Galena Redware Pottery Collection
camera icon
Jug Town Pottery Covered Bean Pot
9", knob handled lid, great colors
Red Wing Ko-Red Feeder
camera icon
Yelloware Blue Band Lemonade Set
pitcher & 4 mugs
Spongeware & Bennington
pitchers, casseroles, bowls
Brown Glazed Food Molds
Redware Spaghetti Bowl
Redwing Sewer Pipe Dish
camera icon
1877 Fancy Gin Jug
Early Spongeware 8" Pitcher
camera icon
Stoneware Brown Top Jug
Western Stoneware 1 Gallon Bail Handle Jug
camera icon
Bennington Glaze Preserve Jugs
20 Gallon Stoneware Crock
Peoria 3 gal Crock
Western Maple Leaf 5 gal Crock
camera icon
Monmouth 4 gal Crock
camera icon
Whitehall 3 gal Crock
McCormick-Deering 2 gal Lye Dispenser Crock
camera icon
Western Maple Leaf 10 gal Crock
camera icon
Red Wing 20 gal Crock
large wing camera icon
Western Maple Leaf 20 gal Crock
Western Maple Leaf 8 gal Crock
Stoneware Chicken Waterer
Mixing Bowls
Western Mixing Bowls
Red Wing 2 gal Crock
large wing
Stoneware Jugs
Blue & White Cattail Milk Pitcher
camera icon
Uhl Grape & Lattice Squatty Pitcher
Brown over White 5 gal Churn
Red Wing 3 gal Salt Glaze Crock
camera icon
Western Maple Leaf 5 gal Crock
Red Wing 4 gal Crock
Sponge Ware Bowls
Blue and White Indian Chief Milk Pitcher
camera icon
Preserve Crocks
Western 12 gal Maple Leaf Crock
camera icon
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