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Early Decorated Stoneware Collection
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Dodson & Braun's Pickles Barrell
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Bullock & Morton 2 Gallon Ovid Jug
Ship Chandlers & Grocers, Baltimore, impressed
James Ryan 3 Gallon Jug
Stylized M. Schwartzkoph, Scranton, PA
P. H. Smith 2 Gallon Ovid Jug
impressed w/ cobalt stylized mark
T. Crafts Whately 2 Gallon Ovid Jug
3 Gallon Applied Handle Crock
w/ stylized cobalt leaves
5 Gallon Stylized Crock
with applied handles, flower and leaves, as is camera icon
2 Gallon Preserve Crock
stylized floral, impressed mark camera icon
Goodwin & Webster 2 Gallon Ovid Crock
applied handles camera icon
Salt Glazed 2 Gallon Stylized Crock
E & L P Norton 2 Gallon Crock
stylized leaf, impressed mark, w/ applied handles
John B. Caire & Co. 2 Gallon Preserve Crock
Pokeepsie, stylized, applied handles
3 Gallon Stylized Preserve Crock
applied handles
4 Gallon Stylized Crock
applied handles
Salt Glaze 4 Gallon Crock
stylized chicken w/ applied handles, impressed mark
3 Gallon Preserve Crock
stylized floral pattern w/ applied handles
Bangor Stoneware Co. 6 Gal. Water Barrel
Bangor, Maine, applied handles, impressed label and blue bands camera icon
Adam Caire 3 Gallon Crock
Pokeepsie, NY, stylized bird, impressed mark, applied handles
6 Gallon Albany Slip Glaze Butter Churn
w/ lid, applied handles, impressed mark
3 Gallon Ovid Jug
Julius Norton 3 Gallon Crock
stylized flowers, applied handle, Pennsylvania
Fort Edward Stoneware Company 4 Gallon Crock
Fort Edward New York, stylized leaves, impressed mark, applied handles
6 Gallon Stylized Crock
stylized flowers and leaves, applied handles
2 Gallon Stylized Preserve Crock
double sided stylized, applied handles, impressed mark
Black Glaze Stoneware Water Jug
1 Gallon Stylized Tulip Preserve Jar
3 tulips
A. G. Rurley & Co. 2 Gallon Ovid Jug
leaf stylized, impressed mark
3 Gallon Stylized Ovid Jug
1 Gallon Stylized Preserve Crock
Salt Glaze 3 Gallon Jug
stylized leaf
Evan R. Jones Stylized Crock
Pittston, PA, stylized tulip, impressed mark, applied handles
Salt Glaze Bail Handle Water Jug
Pat. Jan. 24. 82.
O Leern & Co. 1 Gallon Jug
95 Union St. Boston
2 Gallon Stylized Cake Crock
floral stylized w/ applied handles camera icon
Stylized Bird Crock
applied handles, impressed with #6
James P. 5 Gallon Bee Hive Jug
stylized T. F. Mc' Donough, 122 N. Main Ave. Scraton. PA, Pittston, PA
3 Gallon S. G. Crock
stylize, applied handles, as is
6 Gallon Floral Stylized Crock
w/ applied handles
Redwing 5 Gallon Butter Churn
as is
Uhl 5 Gallon Jug
6 Gallon Stylized Crock
w/ applied handles
Union Stoneware Co. 4 Gallon Butter Churn
w/ stylized leaves, Redwing, Minnesota camera icon
Grommes & Ullrich 5 Gallon Stoneware Jug
Chicago, stamped
2 Gallon Salt Glaze Crock
camera icon
6 Gallon Beehive Crock
unique, as is
2 Gallon Salt Glaze Beehive Jug
impressed mark
FB Norton & Co. 3 Gallon Crock
Worchester, Mass, stylized leaf pattern, impressed mark, applied handles.
Higgins & Co. 6 Gallon Stylized Water Barrel
Cleveland, Ohio
Floral Stylized Beehive Jug
F. T. Wright & Son 1 Gallon Jug
Taunton, Mass, cobalt mark
3 Gallon Stylized Crock
w/ applied handles
Fort Edward Stoneware Company 1 Gallon Jug
cobalt blue stylized print "T. G. Gloversville, N.Y."
Hubbell & Chesebro 3 Gallon Jug
cobalt blue stylized leaf, impressed mark
Early Beehive Jug
as is
Lyons Stoneware Co. 2 Gal. Jug
Established 1825, impressed mark
West Troy Pottery 1 Gallon Jug
stylized cobalt print "Mason & Donohue", impressed mark
T. E. Arpinton Lyons Salt Glaze Beehive Jub
floral stylized, impressed mark
T. Craft & Company 2 Gallon Ovid Jug
Nashua, impressed mark
1 Gallon Ovid Jug
Charlestown 1 Gallon Ovid Jug
impressed mark
John Burger 1 Gallon Preserve Crock
Rochester, impressed mark, applied handles
St. Louis Vinegar Co. Stamped Label Pitcher
C. C. Cushing & Co., Prop., St. Louis, MO 1856
Stylized Preserve Crock
Stanz's Select Old Cheese Advertisement Preserve Crock
H. B. Stanz Co. Milwaukee, Wis
I. Seymour & Co. 3 Gallon Ovid Jug
Troy, impressed mark, blue cobalt stylized
Loammi Kendall Ovid Jug
Moore & Hubbard Stylized 1 Gallon Jug
Syracuse, NY
New York Stoneware Co. 2 Gallon
"John O'Neil, Whitehall" in cobalt stylized text, impressed mark
Red Wing Blue Band Safronware Bowls
ch. of 3
P. Sweeny Stoneware Bottle
Washington Square, Worchester
Large Antique Stoneware Bottle Collection
H. Caryl Stoneware Bottle
mustard, Ware, Mass
March Cheapstone 1 Gallon Jug
13 Market. sQ, Newbury Ct., impressed mark
Henderson Stoneware Foot Warmer
impressed mark
Red Wing Blue Band Preserve Crock
1 gal, w/ lid
Steuben County Wine Co. 5 Gallon Advertisement Jug
Telephone Main 1352 227-229 West Madison St. Chicago, ILL., stamped
A. O. Whittemore 1 Gallon Beehive Jug
Havana, NY
New York Stoneware Company 5 Gallon Stylized Jug
3 leaf colbalt blue stylized, impressed mark, Fort Edward, NY
Black & Van Arsdale 2 Gallon Beehive Jug
Cornwall, Ontario, stylized bird, as is
Red Wing Spongeware Bowl
New England Ovid Jug
Hruska & Co. Fancy Sweet and Salt Butter Advertisement Crock
Red Wing Sponge Band Manitowoc Marine Grocery Advertisement Pitcher
made in Red Wing
Burger & Co 2 Gallon Jug
blue cobalt stylized, Rochester, N. Y.
Stoneware Batter Jug
w/ applied handle & bail handle camera icon
Whites 2 Gallon Stylized Jug
Utica, NY, stylized leaves
New York Stoneware Co. 5 Gallon Jug
Fort Edward, NY, stylized 3 leaf pattern, impressed mark
Black & Van Arsdale 'Bird' Jug
Cornwall Ontario, stylized bird, impressed mark camera icon
Estabrook & Robinson 1 Gallon Jug
Boston, Mass, stylized, impressed mark
Barnabas Edmands 1 Gallon Jug
Western 6 Gal. Cold Drinks Water Cooler
spigot & orig. repaired lid
S. Hart 2 Gallon Jug
Oswego, Falls, stylized flower, impressed mark
J. F. Baker 2 Gallon Stylized Jug
Rcck Glen, PA, Pittston, PA camera icon
Reidinger & Caire 3 Gallon Stylized Jug
Poughkeepsie, impressed mark, stylized bird
Cooley & Kirkeeng Adv. Stoneware Casserole
Lake Benton, Minn camera icon
E. & H. G. Smith Stoneware Jug
impressed wholesale dealers & groceries, paints, oils, salt, fish, provision & C., No. 29 Exchange St. Rochester N. York camera icon
Eastern Stoneware Decorated Mixing Bowl
applied handles, 11"
Red Wing Saffron Advertisement Pitcher
Farmers Elevator, Mason City, Iowa, Phone 270
Graf's Root Beer Stoneware Mug
"The Best What Gives" camera icon
Blue/Gray SKANDIA HDW. CO. Pitcher
Rockford, ILL., hairline
Blue & Gray Stoneware Floral Embossed Pitcher
Early Stoneware Wine Carafe
painted w/ raised grape vine
Carey's Variety Store Spongeware Mixing Bowl
Baraboo, WIS camera icon
Red Wing Spongeware Panel Bowl
L. A. Rossing Co., The Home Store
Carl and Oscar Rockford, ILL Advertisement Bowl
swirl pattern marked U.S.A.
Red Wing Blue & Tan Cat Tail Cookies Jar
embossed w/ original lid camera icon
Gail C. Downing Advertisement Bean Pot
Capron, ILL
Redware Decorated Milk Pitcher
1 gal, as is
CHR. Hansen's Laboratory Brown Top Jug
Rennet Extract, Butter Color, Cheese Color, Little Falls, N.Y., U.S.A. camera icon
Warren Co-Op Creamery Ass'n Spongeware Cream Pitcher
Warren, Minnesota camera icon
Miniature Albany Slip Glaze Jugs
Little Brown Jug
Farmer's Elevator Poplar Grove, ILL Spongeware Pitcher
camera icon
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