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German Tin Walking Wind-up Doll
with key
China 2-faced doll
camera icon
all original camera icon
Jumeau France 10"
composition body, excellent condition, all original camera icon
Antique MH - Alma 9"
cloth body camera icon
Bisque head
glass eyes, mixed parts camera icon
14", ribbon in hair camera icon
German Boy
made by Gebruder Knoch, #241-GESCH camera icon
German 6"
all bisque, open/close eyes, good condition
Celluloid Blue Suit
composition hands 10"
all original w/tags camera icon
14"-15" camera icon
Gibson Girl
#177 cloth body camera icon
Sailor #817
composition body, 8"
Jenny Lind China
redressed, damaged body , 14" camera icon
13" leather hands, New Head
old body
All Wood
camera icon
1914 12" Pink hat and dress
Minerve head
on a kid body-tin head D.P.S. camera icon
Wise man
9", celluloid hands-unique camera icon
Shirley Temple
20", eyes blown, mint, original dress camera icon
Shirley Temple
18", eyes replaced, good body camera icon
German 19" Bisque head/hands
old leather body camera icon
Glass Eyes Parian
17", bang curls camera icon
Armand Marseille Rose Bud
7-OM, 16" camera icon
Wax Doll
old cloth body 15" camera icon
China Head
16", curly hair camera icon
France Socket Head/Shoulder Plate
16", leather body-excellent condition camera icon
French Jumeau
composition body-14", blonde curly hair/glass eyes camera icon
Twins w/wigs #P6131
6-1/2", possible reproduction camera icon
Twins w/wigs #P6131
possible reproduction- 6-1/2" camera icon
7", unmarked
Sailor Norah
10", good condition camera icon
Walt Disney-Pinocchio-Dakin
hard plastic, Hong Kong
All Bisque
6-1/2", pointed blue shoes, great clothes
Frozen Charlotte
5", all bisque, gold boots
11", broken arm camera icon
paper mache
6", all bisque baby, original #P30
China Doll
Blondie, red dress
German Flapper Half Doll
4" camera icon
Frozen Charlotte
4-1/2", rare size, no damage
All Bisque
4", painted eyes
German All Bisque-Girl w/Flag
3", #798
Frozen Charlotte-All Bisque
4-1/2", painted eyes/gold boots
Celluloid Hawaiian Doll
Socket Head
painted eyes, original wig
Cupie Doll
8", porcelain, no marks camera icon
All Bisque
6", painted face, great clothes
French Doll & Trunk
glass eyes, trunk with clothes camera icon
Hebe Shebe-Little Boy
10", composition camera icon
Bonnet Head
12", old clothes, good condition camera icon
China Doll
11", Black Hair
China Doll-Dorothy
11" camera icon
England #7468
painted face, cloth body, repaired camera icon
Snow White Original
13", mint, all composition camera icon
Greiner Millinery
12", parted hair-wisp bangs camera icon
Greiner Sausage Curl
21", paper label camera icon
Pin Cushion Dolls
arms crossed, very nice camera icon
8", original cloth body
Pin Cushion Doll
unique camera icon
Carnival Doll
German- All Bisque
all black, #682 camera icon
all black camera icon
China Dolls-Sausage Curls
China Boy
8", velvet suit, new body
Wooden Penny Doll
10", early camera icon
China Head
Celluloid Head
stuffed body camera icon
All Celluloid
camera icon
Japan, All Bisque
4-1/2" ribbon in hair
Wooden Pinocchio
legs repaired camera icon
New Doll
Wood Doctor Doll
6" camera icon
Bisque Head
top that spins camera icon
Jointed-All Bisque
Porelain Baby
German- Piano doll #7285
4-1/2" camera icon
German- Piano doll #7285
4-1/2" camera icon
German-Dutch Girl
#5724 camera icon
Half Doll
2-3/4", flowers in hair camera icon
Little Composition Doll
3-1/2" camera icon
All Bisque
brown hat, brown shoes camera icon
German Bisque Baby Doll
S1109-#2664 Drgm
Dutch Boy
camera icon
Flapper Pin Cushion
camera icon
5 dolls in Box
3 original camera icon
Celluloid Wedding Pair
Martha Washington Brush
camera icon
Painted Gold
All Bisque
Celluloid Twin
Celluloid Twin
All Bisque
Frozen Charlotte
camera icon
Black Doll
5-1/2", unique camera icon
Boys and Band
mixed set, (5)
Black Composition Boy
9" camera icon
Fabric Painted
Terra Cotta Policeman
Walt Disney - Dopey
5-1/2", composition camera icon
Walt Disney- Bashful
5-1/2", composition camera icon
mixed match set camera icon
Little Boy Scout
Indian All Bisque
Doll on Donkey
white hair, #SH camera icon
Composition Baby
1929 Koppelsdorf
#300 w/o baptism dress
Celluloid Bisque
11", frog body camera icon
Louis Amberg
11" American born babe camera icon
German Composition Socket Bisque
10" camera icon
German-Armand Marseille Dream Baby
camera icon
wooden, broken arm
Corn Husk Doll
Dionee Quintuplets
with bed and box camera icon
Composition Baby
Bisque, restoration camera icon
Rosemary Composition
great dress
All Bisque
Armand Marseille
3 DEP "370"
camera icon
Victorian Spindled Doll High Chair
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