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Early Tin Ice Cream Scoop
Aridor Glass Counter Reach In Candy Jar
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Brass & Nickle Door Chimes
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1931 Triner Balance Postal Scale
Star Cast Tobacco Plug Cutter
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Metal Counter Paper Roll Dispenser
Barrel Bungs
Putnam Dyes Counter Top Display
Hurculaces Boot & Shoe Lace Drawered Cabinet
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Glass Case Jewelry Cabinet
20 in. square, 46 in. high
Hardware Store 80-Drawer Revolving Bolt Bin
On 18-Drawer Base, Porcelain Knob Pulls camera icon
Ideal Stencil Machine
Heavy Cast Iron
Imperial Brass Tray Scales
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Harrison Square Counter Top Cigar Box
5 for 10 Cents camera icon
Counter Top Dovetailed Sewing Display Cabinet
2-Drawers, Glass Top
Cast Iron Letter Hooks
String Holders
Brass & Glass Counter Top Display Case
Full of Sewing & Jewelry camera icon
Apothecary Oak 8-Drawer Cabinet
Hanscraft Sterilizer Unit w/Stoneware Base
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Wire Grocery Baskets
and more
Ferry's Vegetable Counter Top Display Case
Ice Tea Counter Top Dispensor
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Hitchcock-Hill Co. Bread Box
Early Counter Top Towel Display Rack in Old Green Paint
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Glass Pharmacy Jars
Cream of White Litho Adv.
Counter Top Seed File
50 Slot
Counter Top First Aid Cabinet
Hat Displays
Oak & Glass Counter Top Display
15 in. high x 16 in. wide
Counter Top Blouse Display
Lily Sodas Counter Top Container
Potters Braided Art Needlework Silks Display
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