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Firearms Ammo
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5.56 545 M200 Blanks
Fiocchi Small Pistol Primers
ch. of 18 boxes
.223 Ammo
Elite Ammunition Remanufactured
.40 Cal S&W
9 MM Ruger
50 Cal. Ammo
22 LR Ammo
.45 ACP
357 Magnum
44 Mag
357 Bullets
380 Auto
Hornady Match 30-06 M1 Grand Ammo
12 GA Ammo
in metal ammo cases, approx. 400 rds
1870's Reloading Tools
Shot Powder Measures
marked Bridgeport No. 20., several early examples
22 WMR Shot Shell Ammo
Winchester Wildcat 22 Ammo
Remington S&W Blanks
Peter's .38 Special Ammo
Winchester Super-X 12 GA Buck Shot
Mec 600 Jr. .410 Shot Shell Re-Loader
and accessories
Mec 600 Jr. 20 GA Shot Shell Re-Loader
w/ accessories
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