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RCBS Green Machine Reloader
set up for .380, like new cond. camera icon
McKeever Trapdoor 45-70 Leather Ammo Pouch
circa 1880's camera icon
Lyman 45th Edition Reloading Manuals
good old collector books camera icon
Military Ammo Pouches
camera icon
Collector Ammunition
boxes of .38-55 Rem. UMC & Win., .25 Rem.UMC-Peters-Win., .35 Rem. Super X, .30-40 Krag Win., .32-40 Win. and more camera icon
Garand Clips
11 loaded & 11 empty camera icon
.280 Rem.
.257 Roberts
.222 Rem.
PCA Spectrum .223
w/ polymer case
12 Ga. Peters
9mm Peters Luger
.25 Win. Auto
also Rem. & German
.32 S&W Win.
.32 Short Rimfire
Springfield .30-06 (ball)
(5) boxes
W.R.A. 45 Ball
Ideal No. 310 Reloading Tool
.300 Savage, orig. box
Ruger .223 Magazines
camera icon
Estate 12 Ga. Heavy Game Load
new case full
Federal .22 Cal. LR Hollow Point
(4) 500 rd. boxes camera icon
Remington 38 Special Collector Ammo
.30 M1 Carbine Metal Cased Ammo
(2) 600 rds. ea. camera icon
AR-15 Mag Charger
camera icon
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