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1920-30's Era Automobiles
camera icon
Doepke Roadster
camera icon
Cor-Cor Graham Paige Airflow
camera icon
Keystone 'American Railway Express'
26" long camera icon
Structo 1920's Police Patrol Truck
camera icon
Oh-Boy! U.S. Mail Truck
c. 1927, 22" camera icon
STRUCTO Auto-Builder No.8 Racing Auto
windup clockwork motor, green, 12 1/2", c. 1920 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.10 Bear Cat Auto
windup, red, 16", c. 1919
Structo Auto-Builder No.11 Tractor
windup, green/red, 10.5", c. 1920
Structo Auto-Builder No.12 Early Deluxe Autos
windup, 16", c. 1920
Structo Auto-Builder No.10 Bear Cat Autos
clockwork windups, orange, 16", c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.14 Giant Dump Truck
windup, red/black, 18", c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Auto-Builder No.16 Yuba Tractor
windup w/ steel tracks, 13', Rare camera icon
Structo Ready-Built No.40 Roadster Auto
windup, 10.5", c. 1920's
Structo Ready-Built No.44 Caterpillar Tractor
trailer, link steel tracks, c. 1920's camera icon
Structo Ready-Built No.48 Caterpillar Whippet Tank
windup, green w/ steel tracks, c. 1920's
Structo Ready-Built No.144 Tractor & Trailer
windup, red/orange, 8.5", c. 1930's
Structor Ready-Built No.46 Tractor, Trailer & Scraper
windup 8.5" tractor, c. 1930
Structo Ready-Built No.56 Sifter
late 1920's - 3 pc. set, elevator-hopper-conveyor-screen tower camera icon
Structo 1920's Police Patrol Wagon
blue, 17", nice
Structo No.405 Packard Dump Truck
open cab, red, 17"
Structo No.405 Dump Truck
orange w/ lights, open cab 17" camera icon
Structo No.103 10-Wheel Army Tank
olive green/orange w/ crank revolving noise turret, c. 1939/40 camera icon
Structo Tractor Pulled Road Grader
green/red, 18", c. early 1930's camera icon
Structo Diamond T Hi-Way Transport Truck
early 1930's, red/yellow 2 pc., metal wheels, 24"
Structo Grab Bucket Crane
red/green, early 1930's camera icon
Schieble 1930's Passenger Bus
yellow w/ green roof, spare tire, 22" long camera icon
Turner Early C-Cab Dump Truck
red w/ rubber tires, 22" camera icon
Structo Diamond T Style Dump Truck
No. 200 gray w/ orig. box, 21" long camera icon
American National Giant Mack Dump Truck
1920/30s restored, 28", nice camera icon
Arcade Green Coupe
Arcade Fageol Bus w/ Driver
blue 12" camera icon
Arcade Mack Truck w/ Driver
red 9"
Arcade McCormick Threshing Machine
Arcade Sedan w/ Driver
red camera icon
Bliss 'Jackson Park' Wooden Trolley Pull Toy
early paper litho, 17" long camera icon
Cor-Cor Chrysler Airflow Auto
silver w/ rubber tires, 17", restored camera icon
Chein 'Hercules' Ferris Wheel
tin litho windup
Buddy 'L' Aerial Fire Truck
29" long, red, c. 1926-30. camera icon
Buddy L Concrete Mixer
large early model, c. 1926 camera icon
Buddy L Dump Truck
10 wheel hydraulic, green/red camera icon
Buddy 'L' Large Size Dump Trucks
open cab, rubber tires, black
Buddy L Flivver Auto
green paint camera icon
Buddy 'L' Grocery Truck
black large size, restored
Buddy 'L' Steerable Coach
pre-1932 motorbus, light green 30", restored camera icon
Buddy L 'Repair it Unit' Tow Truck
red/white/green camera icon
Cor-Cor 1930's Bus w/ Lights
black w/ red trim, 25", restored camera icon
Cor-Cor Graham Paige Sedan
burgundy, 21", restored
Cor-Cor Large Size Train Set
loco-tender-tank, flat & bin cars-caboose, nice
Dayton Early RR Locomotive & Coal Tender
red paint, 20"
Dayton Early RR Freight Cars
closed & open freight-caboose, ea. 12" long
Doepke Model Toys MG Roadster
red 15", nice
Empire Pressed Steel Ferris Wheel
belt drive, 13" t.
Empire Pressed Steel Windmill
steam power belt drive w/ water pump, 19" t.
EP Germany Brass Horizontal Steam Engine
w/ original box camera icon
Kingsbury "Little Jim" USA Army Truck
windup, open cab w/ cloth cover, 10.5", sold by JC Penny Co. camera icon
Kingsbury "Little Jim" Crawler & Wagon
motor driven, orange/green, tractor 8", early sold by JC Penny Co. camera icon
Kingsbury "Little Jim" Marion Shovel
Kingsbury Airflow Auto & Travel Trailer
orange/brown, restored camera icon
Kingsbury No.796 Tractors w/ Roof
chain drive windup, c. 1926
Linemar Toys Vertical Steam Engine
Marx Car Hauler & Cars
Marx Sit & Ride Truck
Nylint 50th Anniv. Semi & Trailer
Nylint 1946 Amazing Windup Car
No. 0600, restored, 14" camera icon
Nylint No.1100 Elgin Street Sweeper
c. 1950-52
Nylint Mechanical Front End Loaders
c. 1948-49
Nylint No.1200 Pump-Mobile
Moving Cowboy, complete w/ box & instructions, c. 1950-52 camera icon
Schieble Coupe
blue 18", 1920's camera icon
Schieble Creme & Black Coupe
18", 1920's
Meccano 1920's Builder Kit Auto
red/black, 8.5" camera icon
Schieble Closed Cab Dump Truck
black/red, 1920's
Schieble Mack Dump Truck
blue, 22", c. 1925
Schieble Early Pumper Wagon
yellow w/ driver, 14" c. 1917, nice cond. camera icon
Schieble Roadster
blue/red/yellow 18", c. 1920's
Schieble Roadster
turquoise/red/orange wheels, 18", c. 1920's
Schieble Sedan
18" w/ Balloon Tires
Smith Miller Mobilgas Semi & Wooden Double tanker
camera icon
Smith Miller Mobilgas Tanker Truck
camera icon
Steelcraft Mack Open Cab Dump Truck
nice red/green paint, rubber tires, 23" long
Structo Fire Dept. Pumper/Ladder Truck
lights, fire hydrant camera icon
Structo Model Building Accessory Outfit No. 3A
early c. 1919 camera icon
Structo Model Building Outfit No. 4
in boxes, one w/ instructions camera icon
Sturditoy Mack Closed Cab Truck
early black large size
Tonka 50th Anniv. Dump Trucks
NIB camera icon
Arcade Cast Iron Double Decker Bus
"Chicago Motor Coach" w/ driver & passenger, balloon tires, red paint, 13" camera icon
Steam Engine Accessories
Buzz Saw & Grinder
Cast Iron Horse Drawn Carriage w/ Driver
camera icon
Cast Iron Lion Pulling Cart
early camera icon
Friction/Hillclimber Auto & Driver
orange, c. 1910
Friction/Hillclimber Fire Ladder Truck
w/ cast driver & fireman, 15" long, c. 1915
Schieble Friction Fire Ladder Truck
flywheel drive w/ cast driver & fireman, 16", c. 1909 camera icon
Hillclimber Omnibus
early w/ driver & passenger, blue paint
Hydrox Products Pressed Steel 1930's Delivery Truck
22" long camera icon
Friction Early Trolley Car
red/yellow paint, 20" camera icon
Wyandotte Pan American China Clipper Airplane
and many other great toys.
Tonka Aerial Sand Loader
complete, nice camera icon
Structo 1920's Stake Truck
green paint, 22" long camera icon
Little Jim Playthings for J.C. Penny Co. Early Dump Truck
23" long w/ orig. paint camera icon
1919 Buddy "L" Open Cab Dump Truck
25" long, chain crank w/ Firestone tires camera icon
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