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Daisy #102 Mod. 36 Lever Action BB Carbine
500 shot, wood stock, Plymouth, Mich., shoots camera icon
Daisy Mod. #25 Break Action Pump BB Gun
wood stock (personalized), Plymouth, Mich., shoots
Daisy Buck Jones Special Model 107 Slide Action BB Gun
Sundial & Compass wood stock, Mfg. 1934-42, Plymouth, Mich., shoots camera icon
Daisy Model 50 Golden Eagle 50th Anniversary Carbine
wood stock, Mfg. 1936-40, Plymouth, Mich., shoots, very scarce camera icon
Daisy #102 Mod. 36 BB Gun
500 shot, wood stock, circa 1953, Rogers, Ark., shoots camera icon
Daisy Mod. 25 Break Action Pump BB Carbine
wood stock, Mfg. 1932, Plymouth, Mich., shoots camera icon
Buzz Barton Daisy #103 Special BB Gun
Model 33 Super w/ wood stock, Mfg. 1933-37, Plymouth, Mich., shoots camera icon
Daisy Mod. 25 Break Action Pump BB Gun
plastic stock, Plymouth, Mich., shoots camera icon
King Mfg. Mod. #5536 BB Carbine
1,000 shot w/ wood stock, Plymouth, Mich., shoots
Heilprin Mfg. Co. Columbian Lever Action BB Gun
Model E 1,000 shot, wood stock, Phila, PA, circa 1893-1920, Rare camera icon
Daisy Red Rider Saddle Ring Lever Action Carbine
#111 Mod. 40 w/ embossed wood stock, Mfg. 1946, shoots camera icon
Matchless Second Model BB Rifle
cast iron frame, Henry C. Hart Co., Detroit, Mich., circa 1890-1900 camera icon
Sheridan Blue Streak Mod. C9 Air Rifle
5 mm/cal., needs repair
Pump Pellet Gun
.177 cal., as is
Crosman #101 Pellet Pump Rifle
.22 cal., as is
Daisy Mod. 160 Barrel Break Rifle
BB/.177 pellet or dart, Mfg. by Milbro, Scotland, 1965-74, shoots camera icon
Daisy No. 102 Mod.36 Nicklel Finish Rifle
BB/.177 500 shot w/ wood stock, circa 1936-40, shoots camera icon
Slavia # 618 Break Barrel Air Rifle
.177 cal. w/ wood stock, works
Benjamin Franklin #710 Air Rifle
BB/.175 cal., Mfg. 1947-64
Daisy #101 Mod. 33 BB Gun
Advertised as a 'Daisy For A Buck', wood stock, Mfg. 1933-35, shoots
Daisy Mod. 25 BB Gun
plastic stock, as is
The Pioneer BB76 Kentucky Style Rifle
50 shot w/ wood stock, lever cock, 4.4 mm cal., Ultra-Hi Products made in 1976 only, works camera icon
Targ-Aire Break Action Pistol
.177 cal., Mfg. 1946-47 w/ case camera icon
Daisy #118 Pistol in #320 Set
with shooting gallery and two tubes tiny BB's to fit, Mfg. 1949-52, works
Marksman 20 Shot BB Repeater
in original box camera icon
Marksman 1010 BB Repeater 20 Shot Pistol
in original packaging w/ BB/Pellets & instruction booklet. Packaged with Marksman MTS moving target camera icon
Daisy Targeteer #118 Pistol
chrome finish, original packaging, circa 1949-52, works camera icon
Daisy Shipping Cardboard Box
w/ 31 tubes .177 BB's
Daisy Advertising Welded Wire Store Display Rack
holds 4 long guns, nice camera icon
Daisy BB Gun N.O.S. Repair Parts
also, assortment of tubes of BB's, (13) tubes of tiny BB's for Daisy #118 low power indoor and others
Benjamin #3100 Super 100 Shot BB/Pellet Gun
w/ box & instructions
Daisy Red Plastic Targette
Daisy Red Ryder B-B Strongbox Container
5,000 BB's size
Daisy No. 77-B Bell Target
N.O.S. complete w/ target cards
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