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Springfield Model 1903 Military Rifle
30-06 cal. bolt action, bbl. marked 1944, parkerized, walnut stock, S/N 980068
Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 Military Rifle
bolt action 7.62x54R cal., parkerized finish, wood stock, Arsenal refurbished, SN. 9130-6672, circa 1935, includes spike bayonet, tool kit, ammo pouch, sling.
Remington Model 12-C Slide Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR, 24" oct. bbl., nice blue finish, nice walnut wood, break down, original, SN. 647428
Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle
.25-20 WCF cal., 24" oct. bbl., nice walnut wood, very good condition, SN. 134216, Mfg. 1896.
Remington Model 141 Game Master Slide Action Rifle
35 REM cal., nice blue finish, w/ 24" rd tapered bbl., nice walnut, SN. 50427, Mfg. 1936-50, very nice
Standard Arms Model G Autoloader Rifle
.30 REM cal., ornate brass furniture, walnut stock, good blue finish, first gas operated semi-auto, made in 1910 (for only 1 yr) SN. 6701, scarce
Remington Model 8 Semi-Auto Rifle
.25 REM cal. - rare, 22" bbl., open sights, 5 shot mag., good condition, SN. 36001, Mfg. 1906-36.
Remington Model 7600 Slide Action Rifle
.35 Whelen cal., blue finish, Redfield 2 1/2x scope, Oak Poly Stock, SN. B8119268, nice condition
Wichester Model 9422 Lever Action Rim Fire Rifle
.22 L & LR cal., 20 1/2" bbl., walnut checkered stock, SN. F741077, NIB
Winchester Model 77 Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 LR cal., 21" bbl., walnut stock, SN. 155586, good condition
Crosman Optimus High Power Pellet Rifle
.177 cal., nice wood stock, mounted Center Point 4x32 scope, new condition
Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Trail's End Rifle
.357 Mag cal., 20" oct. bbl., case colored, w/ tang safety, deluxe walnut, SN. 6564482, NIB, New Haven Mfg.
Ranger M34 Bolt Action Rifle
single .22 S-L-LR, walnut stock, SN. unknown
Winchester Model 74 Semi-Auto Rifle
.22 LR, walnut stock, SN. 282475A
Ward's Western Field 47A Bolt Action Rifle
.22 S-L-LR rifle cal., walnut stock, SN unknown
Yugoslavian Model K98/M48-20 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8MM cal., teak wood stock, unissued, SN. 45235A, includes Bayonet w/ frog, leather sling, ammo pouch, muzzle guide & cleaning kit, nice.
German-Russian Capture Model K98 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8MM, black finish, SN. 8954, circa 1935, exc. cond.
Swiss Model K-31 Military Rifle
7.5x54MM Swiss cal., 5 rd straight pull bolt action, black finish, SN. 955190, circa 1935, nice.
Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Military Rifle
bolt-action 7.62x54R cal., SN. NR8433, circa 1945
Enfield Model No.4 Mark IV Military Rifle
bolt-action .303 cal., Savage "US Property", SN. 38C3580, circa 1938, nice.
Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 Military Rifle
bolt-action 7.62x54R cal., Arsenal refurbished, SN. MH2422, sells w/ spike bayonet, tool kit & ammo pouch.
Yugoslavian Model M48 Military Rifle
bolt-action 8mm cal., black finish w/ teak wood stock, SN. M26402, circa 1948.
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Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Rods
Rifle Scopes
Rifle & Shotgun Reloaders
Duomatic Model 375 Reloaders (ch. of 12 all set up w/ different dies), Ponsness-Warren Deluxe Model 800B Reloaders w/ metered counters (ch. of 6), Ponsness-Warren Magnomatic Model 10 Reloader, Ponsness-Warren Model 375 Reloaders, Mec Grabber 76 & other shot shell reloaders
Outer's Varmetere Rifle Rest
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