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Atlas Malt Blue Band Stoneware Mug
'Atlas Malt Products, Janesville, Wi' camera icon
Mini Souvenir Vases
Choice of 'Grant Residence, Galena' or 'Globe Hospital, Freeport' camera icon
Adv. Stoneware Rolling Pin
'Golden Grain Bread' w/ turned wood handles and stand camera icon
United Colorado Peaches Paper Label Crate
Red Wing Yellow Spongeware Adv Mixing Bowl
'Hinkley Hardware' camera icon
Red Wing Brown Adv Mixing Bowl
'Fred M Carter, Twin Grove, Wis' camera icon
Red Wing Fauna Yellow Ware Adv Mixing Bowl
'Union Market, Gothenburg, Neb' camera icon
Blue Band Adv. Stoneware Casserole
'Lodi Food Shop, Lodi, Wis' camera icon
USA Adv Mixing Bowl
'Melvin's Store, Stanchfield, Minn' camera icon
Watt Ware 'Barker Lumber' 6" Mixing Bowl
camera icon
Freeport Souvenir Glass Collection
custard creamers, canoe, pitchers, court house, globe hospital, Carnegie Library, post office and more camera icon
Blue Band Batter Crock
Badger Store, Cashton, Wis. camera icon
Milk Bottle Collection
TifpTop Polo, Grimm's Mount Carroll, Our Own Poplar Grove, Elm Spring and many others camera icon
Rock Grove Co-Operative Stoneware Blue Band Pitcher
camera icon
De Laval Embossed Tin Match Safe
De Laval Die Cut Embossed Cows
camera icon
Elmer Hartwig Wooden John Deere Thermometer
camera icon
Despain Lumber Rain Gauge
camera icon
O'Fallon Hoppy's Favorite Milk Bottles
cream top & others camera icon
Henney Hearse Advertisement Panels
camera icon
Freeport Dairy Bottle Caps
Red Wing Ribbed Advertisement Casserole
Rock Grove Co-Operative, Rock Grove Illinois camera icon
Red Wing Spongeware Advertisement Panel Bowl
6", Ludden's Bloomington, Wis camera icon
Freeport Milk Bottle Collection
Choice of - Newman Sanitary, Stephenson County Co-op, Elm Spring, Oak Brand, Freeport Dairy, Riverside, Vohlken, Standard, Pearl Valley, Highland, etc. camera icon
Wagner's Ice Cream Litho Fan
camera icon
Johnston Bros. Paper Label Cracker Crate
John Valpel Egg Separator
camera icon
Pepsi Tin Tip Trays
camera icon
Raleigh's Tin Litho Cans
camera icon
John Vaupel Ice Pick
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